Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sights of the Spiral - Tomb of the Beguiler

So yesterday, I had the urge to go into Krokotopia. I missed the place! But, those things are easy, so where's a place there where I may have some challenge? And the Tomb of the Beguiler hit me (TotB). Plus, it has a floor of Ice, Fire and Storm so you can experience all of Krokotopia (not really but you get my point) in there ;D. So, I did the TotB in just under an hour, and had lots of fun! (with a surprise reward at the end!)

One of the Obelisks on the walls... remember these to unlock those gates!

KT Water-fountains... nice with the soundtrack :D

Poor guy should have packed food provisions. He's skin and bones :/

Froggy enveloping Ngozi's pet

Onto the Fire level of the floor - I love that name, 'Indimitadors'. True to their name, they stick close to the sidewalk so be careful!

Manders are pitiful..? They're cute! :P

How can I resist the way they clap their hands...

Must save cute manders! Totally don't deserve being slaves o_o

My frog apparently got some Wizard hats in his stomach

3X the strength of Krokopatra, but if he thinks he can beat a Legendary wizard, he's got another thing coming.

Yes, I said 'WOOT!' to myself. But I got a rare cute pet! :D

I'd do it again to see more cute manders. Don't they remind you of...
*Cute-meter explodes* Happy Farming!

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