Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dawneyes update - 11/30

It's been a scattered weekend and such, so I don't have one subject to occupy most of this post
At the 'Save Piggles' rally, I did a LOT of practice PvP :D

That's Cass Lifecaster getting pwned and pwning. Overall, it was fun, the team I was on won most of the time :) (see Heather's head turning? yea). Some were randomly chanting Beatles tunes when I got there too...

- I get a Christmas tree this Saturday! 3rd favorite day of this month :) - Christmas and Christmas Eve come to mind

- Crafting news? I'm trying the Carousel. I bought it (40000 gold) and got the 8 Earthquake cards crafted (thats barely any of it!) 28 Black Pearls, 21 Grendelweed, 18 Springs and 17 Ancient Scrolls left... and 13 Fire Blossoms. Needs plenty of patience :P. I got a little head up on the Seal of the Seven Seas (GM Artisan crafting)

Red - Kelp
Pink - Shell
Purple - Pearl
Black - Wooden Chest

That's the Portico, reagent awesomeness. Only a few Golden Pearls left for me then :), the Wooden Chests also give a bit of gold for liking too! Kelp/Aether may come in handy later, I'm sure. Shells too, or I can sell them :P.

- Gardening has been *officially* announced! That means the general public (*ahem* - people who don't read Central or these blogs ) will be out in force. Which means, the ones who already know about it *cough, anyone who's reading this* can... take advantage of the opportunity and reagent farm? Well, that's kind of what I'm doing... So, anything else to post? Hmm, well, next time I'll come up with something to cure this mini-writers-block I suppose. Alric and the gals on Twitter couldn't stop talking about old music last night, and I could hardly understand them :P. Oh, I'm listening to Christmas music :D

Happy Farming! ... err... loot gathering...


  1. Arlen, do you mean it to say "Arlen Dawneyes" over your header? It's possible to get rid of that, go to:

    Click on "Edit" (for header)
    Go down to "Placement"
    Click "Have description placed after image."

    Voila! It's gone! Of course, there's the possibility you like it there.


  2. I know that, but it makes me put a name for it instead of just the banner which I want up there... so I put Arlen Dawneyes :)


Have a splendiferous day! :)