Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sights of the Spiral - Chelsea Court

Hi all! First, I'd like to start with other stuff. I noticed this today while questing Tarlac ( and thanks to Kieran Stormcaller for the other picture ).

Same quest name! KI might want to fix this, but Tamauji has a "'s..." and the DS one has "Is The" so, nearly the same. Just pointing that out, as I like the saying ;). Almost done with Jane Eyre too, VERY long book, and hard to understand :/. And for those The Giver lovers in my last comment section, I just don't like sad books, and it was puzzling :-P. Ayn Rand's Anthem was very clear though, and wasn't too sad :D - - - anyways, I chose Chelsea Court today since Marleybone is my, well tied with Celestia, Mooshu, and Grizzleheim, favorite ( I did one for MS and GH already and I did a TON of pics for CL ). And, it's where we get our LVL 28 spells, no? So, I bring you Chelsea Court!
Chillin' with the Pilot
Full Moon and stars!
The legendary Freddy Nine Lives dwells here.
Gearheads, Clocktowers and Chimneys, oh my!
The Klaw brothers ( Myth quest ) dwell here, still trying to get rich-quick.
Fat cats galore here too. And skinny rats. Happy Farming!

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