Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celestia - Lunarium

Had to go through this little place and beat a few things before I could go into the Lunarium...

Another Moon 'secret' Trainer
Just a cool pic
Getting in :)
Lunarium Map!
Aliens vs. Soldiers fighting :/
A helping friend got his Scarecrow Amulet, and I got a sweet new Robe :)

That's my least favorite fashion of hat and robe, but the boots are good. Anyways, next is pics of the Science Center tomorrow! I actually just beat it and am going into the Crab Empire now ( so close to finishing and REALLY close to Medusa :D ) Happy Adventuring!


  1. Hey! you copied my idea of taking a picture of the giant bubble machine in the portico!

    i will get my revenge arlen... i will...

  2. lol, I didn't intend to do that, I just take pictures of anything cool that strikes my mind in CL :)


Have a splendiferous day! :)