Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Innectis Artifex

Good thing Google Translator has Latin, as I was thinking of a good title for today. Find out what that means yourself though! :P
You got it! So, I go to Pierce Stantion!
Pressuring me already :P. Well, I'm going to wait till the new updates for Gardening come out, as TotS bosses will drop Sunstone/Sandstone for the GM Artisan quest. Wait, really? Haven't you heard? - check 'em! Explains gardening further (what's a Neophyte?) Polymorphs won't drop anymore and will have LVL requirements as TC's - bad for those low LVL Polymorph PvP ;D and no more weird name glitches, I hear mine was Brady :/. The Final Countdown quests things to open Mali's door no longer have time requirements and can be done solo too! A couple new Menu Chat phrases, and that's mostly it.
That's my last reagent I had to collect, so might as well capture the photo forever ^_^
Now, let's go over my Diamond and Black Pearl strategies! I know some of you have been waiting...
Stone Block havens! Look at all of them! Decide which :)
Black Pearls! I go from that hut just past Hingen (see?) to Ashikata, there are 6 spawning spots on the way. That's right. That should take some of you from the Ancient Burial Grounds =). And it takes about a minute to run that distance with a mount, so little waiting for those realms to be available to switch again. Go through the 2 pages of least crowded realms over and over if you ask me for each of these.
It's Celestian Crafting time! Actually, that's the new Crab Table (gold each) and Giant Crab thingy there, creating an even more epic dining room. Anywho, let's go on to my comments on all the new CL Crafting Furniture, eh?
Gearwise: Plant Life:
Celestian Planter - 2975 gold - Cool, futuristic-y, waiting for Paige Moonshade to show the size of, might be worth buying
Leaning Palm Tree - 6330 gold - Not worth it. There's a Palm tree cheap item in KT, and this one is just leaning :P
CL Tree Sprig - 9690 gold - Like you see in the District of the Stars, pretty neat! I'd say worth buying when CL housing comes out :)
Wall Hangings:
Navy Shield - 1875 - Neat! Cool anchors on it and such, a little cheap. Overall, I'd buy it if you like MB
Wall Starfish - 2880 - Pretty sweet, but buy it when CL Housing is out!
CL Sconce - 13005 - :o Expensive indeed, worth it? I need to see the size of that thing, pretty cool. Big = buy it. Small = not worth it
Outrigger Paddles - 7515 - Problem is, I can't quite see them at the angle they are :/. They could be worth it, but seem expensive...
Water-Mole Plate - 2475 - It looks just like that cheaper trough in MS. So, not worth it, although it likely is bigger...
CL Lamp - 3900 - Looks pretty delicate! I think it's worth it...
CL Bookshelf - 9295 - Sweetness! Just like all those in the Solar District - worth it.
Water-Mole Table - 8070 - Pretty neat altar/table. I'd say worth it when CL housing is out :D
Crab Lean-T0 - 13500 - Pretty nice, worth when CL housing is out I guess. But what's the size? I wanna preview!
Star Chalice - 14300 - Woah, those things in the TotS puzzles. It could be worth it, hard to decide really (what's the size? >_<)
Diving Helmet - 2340 - When CL Housing comes out, k? :)
Lantern - 2520 - Might not be worth it, at least for me. Size?
Dog Biscuits - 2730 - Worth for a MB or Pet-Zoo, I suppose! :D
Coconut Drink - 2850 - Likely small, so I don't think it's worth it. But if you want every little touch to your house, be my guest
CL Vase - 3510 - When CL Housing comes out!
Wheelbarrow - 4010 - There's already a Wheelbarrow that's much cheaper! Not worth.
Congo Drum - 4750 - My mom would get it :P. Me? Eh... maybe. Hard to decide.
Tiki Statue - 6090 - Can you say Easter Island? Definitely worth it... when CL Housing is out ;)
Skinny Tiki Totem - 6360 - Not much different than the Statue, likely smaller, probably not worth it.
Crab Chimney - 8380 - When CL Housing is out! (am I getting repetitive?)
Clam Chair - 8715 - We've got a much cheaper table with those chairs. Not worth.
CL Magician Statue - 11850 - Love me those Aliens! When CL Housing is out.
CL Wishing Well - 12675 - Epic. Worth it? YEA!
Cephalopod Obelisk - 9780 - Huh? If the size is big, maybe. But likely not worth it.
CL Warrior Statue - 11850 - When CL Housing is out :)
Crab Claw - 12750 - Same answer as last.
Water-Mole Torch - 14325 - Eh, kinda bad, expensive, and you need an Elucidate card. Not worth it.
Crystal Street Lamp - 16950 - This is just my opinion, but it's bad. The Diamond looks funny in it, it's very expensive, yea. Not worth it.
So that's it! Hope you liked the tips and such, gotta go collect reagents for this future stuff and furniture I bought ;) - and I just saw how much it takes to get a Carousel, but I must have it! Hehe, Happy Farming! (P.S. As Friendly posted, it seems Bosses drop CL furniture too! When the loot tables for that are all found out, I'll post my 'farm or no farm' opinion on that)


  1. I looked it up on Google Translate and this is what it said: Maker, crafting these :-)

  2. Went back and forth translating each result into the other language and then did each word individually. Guessing "Crafting Maker?"

    Also Neophyte is Filipino for "required ritual."

  3. It's actually Crafting Artisan :). KI used Filipino? Neat!

  4. Awesome! Your MB House looks nice! I would totally buy all those gardening spells you got there (gardening trainer)!


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