Monday, November 22, 2010

Celestia Furniture too, and pictures of Planting :)


New badge for beating Briskbreeze :)

CL Furniture dudes! (everything was loading here). Otto sells furniture for gold and Gearwise sells if you craft it.

Oh no!

WOOT! Reagents, pet snacks! See?

Cool, cool :)

Hmm, I see

Seems we've got a lot of new Mole Rats willing to sell you stuff :D

Those are plants. Loading, as golems?

Green Acres. Oh great.

AH! Don't get it stuck in your head! xD
Anyways, here's the link if you're confused to the Test Realm on Central... :), already seeing some guides sprout up there. NOW for *drumroll* Celestian Furniture! Here's my view (and too many items to take a pic for y'all, go ahead and look :-P)

Otto: Furniture for Gold - Plants:
Large Tree Stump - 190 Gold - Very mossy, looks like someone went and chopped down a tree in the Floating Lands :/
Elephant Ear plant - 580 Gold - Pretty nice, looks similar to those big green leaves I see IRL :)
CL Tree Sapling - 2890 Gold - Looks like something we'll see in the future (IRL) - Classic weird green-ish color for that

Wall Hangings:
Water-Mole Spear - 420 Gold - Cool, might buy a couple
Fountain Sconce - 2320 Gold - Hard to describe, but pretty darn sweet!

Fish Fountain - 2110 - Cheap. Awesome. Worth buying, and delicately shaped :)

Water-Mole Bowl - 550 - Nice wooden Tiki carvings!
Horned Pedestal - 890 - Looks GH-ish, pretty cool
Crab Table - 1620 - Awesome corals! I'd buy it :)
CL Power Convertor - 3960 - Nice shape, possibly worth buying

Open Toolkit - 380 - Not bad, worth buying for my MB house
Spread Tube Corral - Cool. When CL houses come out, I'd buy it, but not sure if it goes with anything present-day
Oil Barrel - 680 - Pretty nice, may just buy some for my Warehouse :D
Short CL Column -890 - Nice, futuristic
Djembe Drum - 920 - African-looking. Pretty nice!
Spire Statue - 990 - Pretty darn cool
Deactivated Golem - 1020 - Nice, pretty cheap! Likely would buy it :)
Short Tiki Totem -1320 - Hehe, maybe a little expensive for it
Giant Crab - 2690 - Neat-o! Would make for a good pillow or something ;-P
Pet Cannon - 2780 - A little cannon. Pretty nice, might buy

Lastly, Luke Goldhorn is saying when there's an update like this, usually something like a world comes out after. Advanced Pets -> Celestia? So, maybe we'll see a new world in a month or 2? Man, I will LOVE KI if that happens. It's worth thinking about =).
So that's it for now. Tomorrow on my Adept Crafter post, I'll list Gearwise's crafting items! They are even better :) - Happy Farming! Er... Planting?

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