Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barney the Seal

A little low on material, but finally, here's some!

Thanks to Wolf Winterstaff ( and a failed hatch w/The Active Necro ) I got Barney! A good name for a Seal seeing as I didn't rename it... now if only I could name another one Clyde...

*wave* Isn't he cute? Tower Shield and Health Gift isn't too bad either :)
Somehow, I mixed up facts and it turns out Astraeus drops my Robe! I stitched it back, now if only I could get rid of the Scuba-thingy.

I did a run of this for the fun of it ( getting Tarlac's amulet in the process ), so here's a better pic of Morganthe and Salgio.
For Mycin, I did some Calypso farming and it's hard to say how lucky I was. She dropped his hat, which Astraeus is supposed to drop O_o http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1261845&postcount=141. Also, his Boots and Ring in just 1/2 hour! Robe and Athame now, haha. And Tarlac's Satyr got Spritely as the Test Realm predicted! Only activated like once so far in 5 fights :-P. Umm, and in English we're reading Utopian-based books ( new world, futuristic kind of thing ), I really liked Anthem by Ayn Rand better than The Giver by Lois Lowry - that's just my opinion if you've read either book :). So that's it, and I have an idea for a Sights of the Spiral next post I suppose - Happy Farming!


  1. The attempt was not failed for me (Tempest Hound)! Thanks Arlen for the hatch and good luck with the training! BTW The Giver is soooo much better :P Probably the best school book I have ever read!


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