Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy stuff!

... Forget about the WizardWars for a day, guys. I'm promising myself to only talk about happy stuff for a day :) - all this tweeting about Wars and drama IRL makes a person feel down after a while. First, it's November 13! Only 42 days till Christmas, yo! And 12 till Thanksgiving, how I love playing hoops in the mist, eating Chocolate Pancakes at the Church breakfast, watch the Macy's parade and have Thanksgiving dinner on that day ( not to mention the traditional football ) and then go to Grandma's, stuffed with Turkey. Then it's Black Friday ( commercialism of it makes me groan :-P ) where endless XMAS commercials and carols start, making me all the more happy and counting down every single second... squee! Then, New Years. Pacing the room watching the Ball drop is awesome, if were going to feel sad, why not have it be a letdown after New Years? lol, the endless 1/2 month happiness is starting to roll through and we spend it complaining about foreign politics. With that, I leave this simple statement: Be Happy. ( Happy ) Farming!

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