Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celestia - Science Center, and Medusa!

Hello, and welcome to the Science Center! :)

Birdies fly around the Mechanics heads, even!

First glance...

An Iron Man dying ;)

Passageway o:

Robotic Waiters, at your service!

Cool Machine...

After performing some tasks for Montgomery ( including many annoying Bots/Motons ) I get to...MAGLUMP! ( Teehee, almost as good as CABLOOY )

Wait a second... those are FISH operating Robots in there! O_O?

Alric's high-powered Ra to take care of 'em ;)

No joke at the XP, I realized I would soon stumble upon 58!

Soon enough... ( WOOT! )

That extra awesome Dracon card, don't forget

After a LONG fight with Talos ( and totally breaking his rules of no Charms ), Victory! Awesome boss, he was :)

Woo-hoo!!! She's awesome. I dub thee "Snake-Head Lady" ;D. So, without further ado, here's a Youtube video of the whole quest for my lazy sake :)

Sweet, no?

Let's talk about Talos ( YAY Greek Mythology! ) Article: - He's the guard of Crete, birthplace of Zeus, throwing rocks at passing ships and sinking them, so no one can attack Crete. There's your tip for the day, and he is sometimes said a Robot, so Kingsisle did very well here in making him the culprit of Quicksilver. Happy Adventuring!


  1. Dang lol my Ra does look pretty sweet in that picture. Congratz on Medusa Arlen now it's time to farm for Lvl 58 gear in Trial of Spheres ;)

  2. Also in game lore for the Elder Scrolls game Talos was also the name of Tiber Septim (He was known as Talos after Apotheosis) who coincidentally conquered Tamriel using the the Giant Brass Golem Numidium which was given to him by the Demi-God Vivec but the golem itself was actually built though by the lost elven race called the Dwemer who wanted to create a god but failed and the whole entire race was then quite literally wiped from the face of the planet as a result of this failure and it's ensuing War with The Chimer. Talos was also known as King Ysmir , Dragon of the North It's actually what my name is on Central King Ysmir. Sorry lol I just got all geeky on you :P

  3. Grats on 58 and the new card! Lol now I want to watch Iron Man.


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