Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celestia - Crab Empire/Solarium

In the last non-dungeon area... the Crustacean Empire!

A first glance

Lanternfish always have bad grammar *sigh*

Plunkett! "Plunkett, I presume?" is a saying based off "Livingston, I presume?" - I believe some guy looking for a guy named Livingston finally found him in the middle of Africa and said that. *shrug* look it up on Google... anyways, it shows Plunkett as a frog??? He turned out to be another dog in a scuba suit. ( Don't tell him; but he seemed kind of clueless/dumb to lead an expedition )

Random photo of kewlness :)

Dafoe! The author of the classic Robinson Crusoe. Very good name, KI :-P. And I like the Calypso...


Sweet Pirate Ship! And look at what she gave me

Woot! :D

Soon afterwards, Mako tried to gum me ( get it? He's old )

Blue Bart - Drunk, Obese, and covered in Barnacles.

Neat halls...

Soon after beating some Sharks, who appears but HER! ( Sorry I wasn't on the platform to take a better pic )

Big Salgio wasn't too hard, and he's got a pretty funny name. Morganthe escaped to the next world ( Candyland? Hint, hint )

Just for fun and awesomeness, the last place in Celestia! I just beat it, and got my Myth shoes, which will be posted tomorrow. Apologies for no post the last 2 days, was busy :-P but, Happy Adventuring!

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