Saturday, November 20, 2010

New hobby :)

So, thanks tons to Cass Dragonheart, I finally figured out how to talk to Wul'Yahm, the KT crafting-quest-giver! Before, the quest to talk to her was in my quest book, but she wouldn't let me talk to her :/. But I bought a couple Rings of Insight, and the glitch was fixed!

YAY! I had just been complaining that I was actually bored in Wizard101 *gasp* and Moonflower suggested I make the GH Watchtower, replying I couldn't because of a glitch, Cass suggested... etc. But anyway, I am definitely not going to be bored for awhile :D

My new enemies, I suppose. Right now, I have the MB quest and it's almost cooled down for me. Also, farmed for some Mandrakes, Blocks, Lotuses and Scrap Iron - Almost Initiate Crafter, and can't wait to craft some items :). Happy Farming!

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