Thursday, November 4, 2010

I win!?!

Got home from school, did my homework, got on, looked at a couple blog posts on the side, curious to see who all got student teacher as announced last night by Wolf Redfist... and I won the DoaW teacher elections - Misprint? No :-P. The only other Myth nominated at all was Mythspent, who posted a poster, but I noticed she didn't say anything ( I believe you have to say I nominate ______ for teacher ) so, that sort of stinks. But thank you to Mary Dreamshade, who nominated me. I was the only one who was running actually for Myth then O_o, but yea, I promise I'll get in a post on Myth Deck construction/strategy as the rule states you must make a guide for your school, pretty fun :). I will do my best as Myth Student Teacher. Happy Adventuring!


  1. Gratz, bud. I voted for ya. :) (Might wanna fix the new colors on your blog. VERY hard to read.)


  2. :) No Problem! I always nominate people who i know that would do good :)


Have a splendiferous day! :)