Saturday, July 31, 2010

Announcing... ( a party, please read! )

Mycin's Meet and Mingle! Or, whatever you want to call it.
This event is just another fun party and I guess it could be for celebrating Mycin's grandmaster achievement, I must admit I like Mycin more than Arlen, Storm doesn't have the most health but can kill QUICK. Arlen is still my main though, always :). So I do all my farming on Mycin but transfer the items to Arlen who sells them than hatches etc. etc. and he now has the best house considering that Arlen's was stolen and I haven't gotten an e-mail from KI back yet. But to the point, the house is nice, just items thrown around but still like-able. Now for some sneak peeks
There are items blocking the entrance to the cave, it will be for ANYONE who wants to get away from the crowd ( if this party gets enough publicity, ;) ) not just VIP, although, say if your TFN or someone and want to get out from the mob feel free to go in.
In the cave, I have a fireplace blocking again, but if this party ever hits the road and it's happening, just ask me if you can go in, nothing simpler.
Good view of the outside.
Now, there's the setting-up problem. This party, if it goes, will go on depending on when it's best
for everyone and it has enough publicity. This is my first party attempt, so please comment if you can help me set up! e.g. make posters, spread the word to other bloggers... I put it as an event on Diaryofawizard too. Doin' my part :). Happy Farming! and partying...

Another party missed...

And this one was made at the last minute! The RR team and Fallon S. and TFN did the Warehouse, which I shall beat soon. And of course, TFN had to be at the afterparty and I got home from vacation and found out, went to Nightside and I had missed TFN by a few minutes *sigh*. Couldn't this have happened tomorrow? :-P. So I'm lying in wait till the next party and Friendly sighting. 2 RR afterparties, 1 huge meet-and-greet missed, they HAD to be earlier this week *sighs again, lol* I'm challenging someone out there to make another really big party ( please? ). It could be called the "Arlen Dawneyes compensation party" or something ;). It seems we have so many parties, but they are so awesome, there should be 1 everyday. Just my opinion. Happy Farming!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation Pictures #1!

I got to do some weaving with this old loom=Another rug for the house.
At the weaving store, everything you see is basically hand-made :).
Outer Banks map, I was on the eastern coast of the biggest island in Dare County ( Named after the first baby born when the English got to America )
I have a few more fishing pics and a play we watched not up yet ( none have me or people I know in them! ) And I hear the All-Star M&G party was good, here's a nice review- Too bad I missed Friendly! ( still only 2 times I have sighted him ), they had a VIP thing which was pretty smart seeing the mob trouble, maybe I'll be in the VIP room someday! :D. I DID get to listen to half of RR#20, Storm Study hall. If they hadn't had those tech difficulties at the beginning I could have watched longer ( seeing as this is my dad's computer and I have to go to bed early with the busy vacation days ). Heard the afterparty was fun but crowded from Steven, as usual. Just a little upset at the computer for making me miss 2 great parties xD. Be back Saturday night, trip cut a day early... Happy Farming!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thurston Plunkett?!?

Celestia's 9th sneak peek has been released...

and, maybe, it's Thurston Plunkett, who really needs a shave. Happy Farming!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maintenance, yay!

Prof. Greyrose is quoted as saying " ... to improve the performance of the game over the long-term and to prepare ourselves for the evergrowing number of wizards... " Lesser loading times? More realms, areas? ( Humongofrog realm sounds good... ). So, maintenance several times a week for a bit, don't worry about it unless your a night-owl or live in a wacky time zone like England. Vacation going good too, King Bonnie my missing crab seems to have re-appeared off the coast... Happy Farming!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in a week!

Bye guys, this post has to be quick, have to pack for North Carolina.
And I got a Grimzilla!

2nd straight hatching success, this time w/Mycin! I've decided to name all LVL 48 pets "Lord" something and this one was named after a certain "Peanuts" character, ;).

Tarlac's nearly LVL 35 and in Katz Lab ( not to mention I'm nearly done with MB side-quests )

And the pet I've held off to announce, Duke Annie the Death Ninja! ( I did not name that )
I got lucky on Yakedo yesterday, although my luck seems to be drooping today on Tarlac as he's fizzling A LOT, :-P.
I might be able to find a computer on vacation, hope I can attend John Lifeglen's Meet-and-Greet on Thursay, here's hoping I can still play! Happy Farming!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another long ( and slightly successful ) day of playing

It's been another busy day.
Rudy hatches.
This is what I will stitch when I do, DS hat ( small Myth symbol on front ), Awesome MB Myth cloak with Myth markings over it and the cool "Jester Robe" look and those MB fancy boots.
Tarlac did a pretty nice feat, beat Freddy 9 Lives ( literally ) all 9 times w/out going outside once to get health wisps, and got Regenerate!
lol, just a little bug where I was stuck like this, pose would be great for theater.

Regen. and Centaur, all in a days work, Tarlac actually is on the Ironworks, and almost done with all those pesky side-quests I need to do at this time. That includes doing Mooshu side-quests, just didn't do the life enemy ones, saving those for later ( when I'm better *rolls eyes* )
A star is born. xD. ( 5:32 PM EST, 7/24/10, remember that ) You may wonder what I'm doing in MS, just did a little furniture farming ( don't hear that much ), wasn't a big failure. Thanks to this great new guide on Central:
Read it, it's quite useful!
With the help of Mega-snacks, Sparky will already be an adult tomorrow, they grow up so fast...
I'm actually contemplating the idea ( silly, entertaining, :) ) of a comic strip featuring Lord Spike and Lord Sparky, after all, I named this site after my dog so, he should get a bit more credit, :).
Here's a good suggestion: Spike 'n Sparky's Spats. lol, Sibling rivalry! While I'm riding in the car on the long road to NC, I might make a few of these, hehe. And, in the comments, if you want to be in the strip just say your name! Btw, Grimtooth is my next hopeful hatch. Silvery Spectre with well, cool, awesome, gold, ugly, teeth. :D.
And 1 awesome pet success today! Computer's lag wouldn't permit a picture till it hatches, but here's a hint: Mortality, Self-defense. Just think, and if you get it right ( write your guess, 2 tries like always in the comments ) you may be a frequently-shown character on Spike 'n Sparky's Spats. xD. Happy Farming!

Marleybone how I love thee...

From Reed Trever to Meowiarty. Every pun, is as good as done. At midnight, the prowlers come, in the atmosphere of the streetlights. Oh, Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. From Regent's Square to Katzenstein's lair and your majestic atmosphere, your XP also cares. The new spells we learn while in Marleybone and the pets, oh the pets. From a Seraph, to a spider. The jackets have rackets and the missing purses have curses, and the cats are aided by rats. Oh, Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. From Scratchers to Nappers, the streets are filled, with adventurous wizards. Scotland Yard solves the crimes, but sometimes they make mistakes, like when they lock up mimes. Sherlock Bones is always on the trail, leading you to bosses tough as nails. Oh Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. How I love thee scenery ( although smoggy ) From aiding the ladies and maidies, to fighting machinery, who can run as fast as I do when I go to the bakery. The clocktowers are a power, the challenge is irresistible. So go to Marleybone and make some kibble! ~ A poem from Tarlac Lifegiver, who recently started Marleybone

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hatching. SUCCESS!

It's my lucky day...
I was SURE it was another Orthrus when I saw "Chemerical Egg" ( that's what I got 4 straight times in the Test realm ) but the Dye shop proved something else.

Jus' sharing my good news, :). Hatches tomorrow, *twiddles thumbs*
UPDATE** I got another pet while writing this post!

Talk 'bout luck! 1st try on 2 bosses, 2 pets! Thank you Kiwu, :).
Oh, and I will go on the NC trip on Monday-next Monday, but I'm hoping to still post and maybe even find a computer to keep playing on, hope so! Oh, and Rudy my Icebird hatches in an hour too, Happy Farming!

Icebird and Malistaire

Well, it's official, on 7/22/10 at 12:42 PM EST I have a 3rd "Savior of the Spiral"

Alas, I got the Balance Robe, xD. But that's not all, 10 minutes later my friend called for help, I ported, finished off Nightwing and got a nice reward...
Heh-heh-heh, lucky me!
And a random pic of me stuck in a fishing net "_".
Happy Farming!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Statue of the week-Hydra

Heck, I just got it today :). Now for some Wikipedia searching...
In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra was an ancient nameless serpent-like chthonic water beast (as its name evinces) that possessed seven heads — and for each head cut off it grew two more — and poisonous breath so virulent even her tracks were deadly. The Hydra of Lerna was killed by Hercules as one of his Twelve Labours. Its lair was the lake of Lerna in the Argolid, though archaeology has borne out the myth that the sacred site was older even than the Mycenaean city of Argos since Lerna was the site of the myth of the Danaids. Beneath the waters was an entrance to the Underworld, and the Hydra was its guardian. The Hydra was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna both of whom were noisome offspring of the earth goddess Gaia. Now, this is interesting. The old Hydra had 7 heads and cheated ( reminds me of the Warehouse ) by growing 2 more for every head cut off. I also noticed how Typhon was her father, so I looked Typhon up...
Typhon fathered several children by his niece, Echidna, daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, including the multiheaded hounds Cerberus and Orthrus. Like I thought, Hydra is the sister of Lord Spike, so Balance and Myth are connected in this way, Typhon really bonded some schools ;).
The Lernaean Hydra, another one of Typhon's daughters, terrorized a spring at the lake of Lerna, near Argos, slaying anyone and anything that approached her lair with her noxious venom, save for a monstrous crab that was her companion. She and her crab were slain by Heracles as the second of his Twelve Labors (the crab being accidentally crushed underneath Heracles' heel). Cyrus has his report from me now *talks to Cyrus, gets a D- for being late*
Sigh. Happy Farming! *Note* Mycin is almost done w/the Forum :), very close to ol' Maly

*Ding* 3rd Grandmaster!

It's official, Mycin is a GM!
Only 1 GM item though, Snowcrusher's hat is now equiped, gotta farm for his gear!
And the last boss I beat before turning GM gave me an awesome item:
I've thought of farming for it but hadn't had the time and on the "Find Cinder" quest, Bingo! Hydra statue. Plus, Mycin now has a tiger, Samantha Daisyleaf gave Arlen...
Woot! So now I officially don't need any more mounts, I traded Mycin's broom to my Death. ( Whom I'm planning to delete, so I'll give that to my new Balance wiz when he comes out :) )
And I'm back from Michigan, very nice trip, and I'm going to North Carolina to visit a family friend next week then August where I'll mope that summer is nearly over, ;). Have to farm for my GM gear and gold, Happy Farming!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The MTN of the past 2 days

( Mycin Thunderwraith News ).
First of all, while helping a friend, I tested when I went out of Counterweight West to see if I could catch the "ghost floor". They shortened the counters by 1/2 but sometimes when you exit through the 1st door ( I think it works better if you have a fast computer ) you can catch a glimpse of this ghost floor, I got one just in time before it loaded me off.
In that glitchy spot at Meowiarty-roof view
Where Old Smokey was moved to, the boss that used to be in one of the counters who insulted Dasha Doxen. He's now just standing in the Ironworks factory.
Mycin's party look, I might stitch this when he gets his GM gear :).
Finally got me a Silverback! *Heh-heh*
I randomly did Ranulf Moonclaw's, the guy in the Myth, orthrus quest-Labyrinth tower.
It's painfully annoying. He gives the orthrus collar you need to "tame the beast", it's a 3 floor tower, half of the enemies are Myth.
Closer pic of Ranulf.
Location: He's behind a gate so that's partly why it's painfully annoying. He has his own doodle on the map too, it looks like.
In other news...
I forgot to mention, but the Blogger-day party was today! Made by Duncan Dragonblood, although TFN didn't come ;). I was there for the 1st hour when it was good, we had Kestrel Shadowthistle, Malorn Willowsmith, me, Alric Ravensinger, Amber Rosepetal, etc. etc.
Everyone basically chatted, it wasn't too bad, but I had to go at 7EST. I came back an hour before the supposed ending but it had fizzed out so I'm thinking I didn't miss much.
And, sad announcement, I have to leave for a week! Yea, visiting the, well not real, hometown. I was actually born in the Midwest but I don't remember any of it since I was there for my 1st year. Then we moved to Michigan, and that's where I was for 11 years till we moved to my present location where I've been for a year ( Ok, ok, it's in Maryland, that's all your finding out :D ). So I'm visiting Michigan again for my first time :). It's a little nice to get a break from w101, I've been way too hung to it lately ;), but what the heck, it's summer, not much else to do in this 100 degree heat ( and I'm bad at swimming if you wanted to suggest that ). So next post is Thursday, with a statue of the week I'll be borrowing from Kieran Stormcaller since my house is basically empty for now. ( Thanks to Kieran for the Mega-snack pack! ). Hint: It's something I've been farming for, and it's deathly. Happy Farming and be back Thursday!

Celestia Doggy Reveal #8!

*Zoom in* Looks like a crew member of Plunkett's w/Wayfinder gear. Plus you can see the Gobbler, that's not a surprise. We are almost to Celestia, woot!
And Lord Rex reached Ancient this morning, didn't get very good talents though, just a pretty nice derby one although not interested in doing derby on him ;). Happy Farming!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2nd RR After-party

First, random pictures as suggested by Kieran Stormcaller

And I did my best to get a Ravenwood Radio crew shot! Steven Spiritcaller
And a better picture of Leesha Darkheart
It was great! I admit I didn't listen to the show too much since I was at the early-afterparty and in the chatroom but I'll listen to it, not live, tomorrow. Here's the link ( for Samantha Daisyleaf who asked ) And Mycin is @the Coven, did all of Ravenscar, mostly by myself. Just needed help w/Frostmantle and the fire member of the Coven. I beat the Gurtok Barrier demon, but no Firebat ;P. Although, I got not 1, not 2, but 4 bat wing furniture items! Not from the Gurtok, just random minions in Ravenscar, mostly Winterwing Wardens. Plus, did Jotun on Mycin w/Alric Ravensinger ( Raven's vault ) Fallon Moongem and Heather Raven ( Wandering Conjurer ). Alric got his, not 1, not 2, but 4th Zombie overall from Lokar, I didn't get anything, just some more furniture ( GH is a furniture magnet for me w/Mycin lately, lol ). And Alric got the Lifebat too, sigh xD. Also having fun with my new tiger, thanks again Samantha!
and... Happy Farming!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Statue of the week-Watchdog

Yesterday I got lucky on Meowiarty w/the Watchdog! Only statue in MB...
Details, details, details... He's from Meowiarty in Big Ben in MB as I said and he's the ONLY statue in MB ( like I also said ). He, um, stays up at night and keeps my house safe from weird ocean creatures, I salute him for that *salute*. No Auction, Limit 1 as well. In other news I got a Tiger mount! YAY!
She heard I was saving up gold on Mycin for one so she spared me the trouble by giving me one! :D. So, I saved a lot of money and bought an enchanted broom on Mycin anyway and gave it to Tarlac and Arlen's broom to Mycin.
With it! It's a little bumpy but complete awesomness.
Samantha needed Blizzard treasures for crafting the Watchtower hall so I just waited 10 minutes in the Bazaar till I found some and bought them, it's the least I could do ;).
And just watched the All-star game, the N.L. won, first since '96, woot! And Ortiz was kinda the goat in this one but the hero in the HR Derby, :P. Happy Farming!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mycin in Grizzleheim

Hello Grizzleheim, with your lovely scenery and not so lovely Lothin Doombringer.

Awesome Scarsnout drop ( Frostholm ), I'm getting a lot of furniture drops in GH, I got the tree lamp thing from a non-repeatable boss.

While killing the corrupted Ivar Andersson, the health is a little too close for comfort.

*GAG* Being impaled is not fun, especially by a wolf.
Now they set me on fire...

And my last meal, lol.
GH is always fun, but I'm now at Jotun, ugliness mixed with toughness, ugh.

Hanging w/ Lord Rex

He still hasn't grasped the concept of being house-broken so I had to scold him.

But he made up for it by aging to Adult. Although the talents could be better...

Record hit on any of my characters! 12,893 on Jade oni :).
My gold on Mycin is now 64,075, getting ever closer to a Tiger mount. You may have noticed the bat wings in those pictures, it's a 1 day rental from Zeke, I was tired of moving slow. Oh, and I have 10 followers! *throws up confetti* thanks people who simply clicked follow! Followers help me see if this thing is getting popular ( hehheh) so just click on the Follow button to make me happy or comment more often :D. Happy Farming!