Monday, July 12, 2010

Statue of the week ( delayed )

Since pretty much every item in my house was taken and hasn't been fixed yet, there is a temporary delay on the Statue of the week. If I do get the statues back I'm thinking of the Oni statue. ( hint: dropped from a random boss in DS ) And just a glitch to share about the Warehouse, me, Heather Raven, Scarlet Moonflower and Kestrel Shadowthistle did a run on Friday, alas we lost, but there was an interesting glitch that almost gave us the win :). We all died just as we had beaten up Knuckles and his rats w/Estrakir remaining but Kestrel, even though it said "Defeated" somehow got an extra turn and healed us. Soon, Heather, who had been defeated, got all her health back for no reason. We didn't get much progress though due to Estrakir's "cheeseballs" ( Fire nova's, lol ) and soon died. But everyone ( except me so far ) has gotten in a run w/Kevin Battleblood and, as usual with Kev, won. So this Friday I plan to beat it with KBB too, but still jealous till it happens :D. And Spain won the World cup on Sunday ( rats ). Netherlands has lost 3 times in the final but the newspapers are making it seem as if Spain had deserved it more, frustrating I:. Gratz' to Spain on their 1st title anyway. In other news, Mycin completed the Labyrinth but no good loot achieved. Almost a 3rd grandmaster! :). And Tarlac is now in the Vault of Ice, a little over half-way through KT and LVL 25. Oh, and an event I like a lot is on tonight, the Home run derby! Since we don't have ESPN ( :( ) I'll watch it on ESPN3, in other words on the computer. Happy Farming and Warehouse beating!

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