Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to you ( Grizzleheim and the Bazaar )

So, on Twitter and another blog post I found it's GH's B-day! Plus the Bazaar's which is awesome too :). And crafting but I can't do crafting because of a bug... meh. So I'm thinking of making a poem about GH, it deserves one after all, it still doesn't get enough respect! People say it gives little XP so they don't do it which is true but just look, look at the gold you can get. And the scenery! I took a million snapshots of the Vigrid Roughland once and at the end felt very, very relaxed. So GH deserves some reward, maybe they can be put in the Dance+Cannon game. And Ravenscar is pure madness but it's still awesome ;), it took me 2 days to beat playing a lot through the day. And the Ravens=Woot! The best gold farming EVER, plus the Silverback Wildclaw :D. And Jotun, oh, how awesome are grendels? Very ugly but still... Him and his brothers are a really big challenge, I never do the separate dungeons to beat his brothers too, waste of time. And the Bazaar is also awesomeness. You can get a LOT more gold :D and buy things that, before, you had to farm a long time for. You can now buy snacks, reagents, furniture, treasure cards too. So visit Grizzleheim to mark it's 1-year anniversary today! ( and the Bazaar, which most of us visit everyday... ). Also, I woke up REALLY late today so couldn't see the Netherlands-Brazil game darn it! But Netherlands came back and won, WOOT! Go country with um, weird fans. The WC is never fun when Brazil wins :P. But I should watch the Ghana-Uruguay matchup later, two smaller teams, one that beat the U.S.A I:. Happy Farming!

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