Friday, July 9, 2010

Pre-quests and Podcast

Well, the pre-quests are out. Before I get on to that though W101Info's Podcast was last night chat room was pretty fun :) and a quick after-party was made although not much happened, but I got some pictures:
Ahem. Now for the new updates. First, right when it finally finished logging in for me, they announce short maintenance so the login times will be shorter. *slaps head* That just made me more excited to do the quests and see the Unicorn mount :D. Yes, there is now a unicorn mount!
I'm sure Friendly is going to buy this mount... ;).
I also got the Celestian "glowing crowbar" from Samantha but it only gives 1 card:

and more mega snacks! My bat will be Ancient tonight then :)
And the Stone of Mazzaroth...
So I'm thinking of doing the Warehouse for loot again, tomorrow. And there may be another item-loss, Heather Raven lost her Orthrus and mount I:, no problems for me yet though.
Happy Farming!


  1. That's cool I've soloed the Shadow Weavers not the tower but, in Test Realm. I made two videos today and more first two that new GH quest from Snorri.

  2. Yea, I soloed the first bosses too and doing Snorri quest soon


Have a splendiferous day! :)