Friday, July 16, 2010

The MTN of the past 2 days

( Mycin Thunderwraith News ).
First of all, while helping a friend, I tested when I went out of Counterweight West to see if I could catch the "ghost floor". They shortened the counters by 1/2 but sometimes when you exit through the 1st door ( I think it works better if you have a fast computer ) you can catch a glimpse of this ghost floor, I got one just in time before it loaded me off.
In that glitchy spot at Meowiarty-roof view
Where Old Smokey was moved to, the boss that used to be in one of the counters who insulted Dasha Doxen. He's now just standing in the Ironworks factory.
Mycin's party look, I might stitch this when he gets his GM gear :).
Finally got me a Silverback! *Heh-heh*
I randomly did Ranulf Moonclaw's, the guy in the Myth, orthrus quest-Labyrinth tower.
It's painfully annoying. He gives the orthrus collar you need to "tame the beast", it's a 3 floor tower, half of the enemies are Myth.
Closer pic of Ranulf.
Location: He's behind a gate so that's partly why it's painfully annoying. He has his own doodle on the map too, it looks like.
In other news...
I forgot to mention, but the Blogger-day party was today! Made by Duncan Dragonblood, although TFN didn't come ;). I was there for the 1st hour when it was good, we had Kestrel Shadowthistle, Malorn Willowsmith, me, Alric Ravensinger, Amber Rosepetal, etc. etc.
Everyone basically chatted, it wasn't too bad, but I had to go at 7EST. I came back an hour before the supposed ending but it had fizzed out so I'm thinking I didn't miss much.
And, sad announcement, I have to leave for a week! Yea, visiting the, well not real, hometown. I was actually born in the Midwest but I don't remember any of it since I was there for my 1st year. Then we moved to Michigan, and that's where I was for 11 years till we moved to my present location where I've been for a year ( Ok, ok, it's in Maryland, that's all your finding out :D ). So I'm visiting Michigan again for my first time :). It's a little nice to get a break from w101, I've been way too hung to it lately ;), but what the heck, it's summer, not much else to do in this 100 degree heat ( and I'm bad at swimming if you wanted to suggest that ). So next post is Thursday, with a statue of the week I'll be borrowing from Kieran Stormcaller since my house is basically empty for now. ( Thanks to Kieran for the Mega-snack pack! ). Hint: It's something I've been farming for, and it's deathly. Happy Farming and be back Thursday!

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  1. I wish I could fight Runulf. You can get in there w/ Storm and Myth right? Try to do it again so I can port! xD


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