Sunday, July 4, 2010

RR Bulettin and yet *another* glitch

July's RR Bulletin is out! Last month it was the first to tell us about the upcoming Celestia quests, this month: "Hey! The fight is on!...Where are those guys?! No good, half blind skeletons! I told them to keep their good eye on the door!" --General Stormclaw, The upcoming world of Celestia is inspired by Atlantis, and young Wizards will encounter new adventures and quests deep under the sea. Celestia will officially open later this year, but starting soon players can undertake new quests to discover the secrets of this new world and begin to unlock the story behind Celestia. Are you up to the challenge? Didn't we already do the pre-quests? Maybe this means we can actually go into Celestia "any day now!" Quoted again: "Any day now, millions of Wizards will be and completing the preview quests that allows them to learn some of the secrets of Celestia" "crashing their way through the doors" Woot, looks like we can actually go in soon! Plus I just found this other awesome glitch in Tarlac's dorm...

This was found on accident, I put a long rug inside and then moved it while standing on it and it brought me here like a magic carpet, awesome eh?

O:, I'm standing on air

This is a really neat angle and it literally looks like I'm a giant standing on a dwarf's bed
LOL, yet another "giant-looking" angle, I'm still literally walking on air.
Lifezilla sighting!

My LVL 18 minion quest where I happily dance with a satyr
Getting some Acetate cloth for the spell

Gasp! Flemming used the "B" word! ew...

Gross, he REALLY meant "booger", I had to pick a krok's nostril for a thing I needed ( I wonder if THAT was worth it... )

Finishing up, only fight I had to do was beat 1 Dark sprite and talking and voila! Sprite Minion card :D.

I haven't done derbying in a while and I was thinking I'd lose here when I was losing by a big margin early but I used a ton of moral on the last lap and pulled through for the win :).
Happy Farming and fireworks-watching! Note: Sorry about a lot of posts lately, I'm getting many good glitches and screenshots :), but I'll try to do More playee and less talkee soon.

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