Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation Pictures #1!

I got to do some weaving with this old loom=Another rug for the house.
At the weaving store, everything you see is basically hand-made :).
Outer Banks map, I was on the eastern coast of the biggest island in Dare County ( Named after the first baby born when the English got to America )
I have a few more fishing pics and a play we watched not up yet ( none have me or people I know in them! ) And I hear the All-Star M&G party was good, here's a nice review- Too bad I missed Friendly! ( still only 2 times I have sighted him ), they had a VIP thing which was pretty smart seeing the mob trouble, maybe I'll be in the VIP room someday! :D. I DID get to listen to half of RR#20, Storm Study hall. If they hadn't had those tech difficulties at the beginning I could have watched longer ( seeing as this is my dad's computer and I have to go to bed early with the busy vacation days ). Heard the afterparty was fun but crowded from Steven, as usual. Just a little upset at the computer for making me miss 2 great parties xD. Be back Saturday night, trip cut a day early... Happy Farming!


Have a splendiferous day! :)