Thursday, July 1, 2010

A normal day and reminiscing

Screenshots, like any normal day!

Ok, I got my favorite clothes from the Bazaar, school-accordingly.
That's Arlen as you can see, he's my second favorite out of the 3 that I stitched clothes too, my number one favorite...

My old character that I never go on anymore, Andrew Pearlward! I'm thinking of deleting ( well, maybe not, there are some pleasant times I've had with him.. ) him. But the memories hold me back right now, I was on him before Dragonspyre came out, before the PvP came out ( I can still remember playing somebody in the open arena, I had the badge "Hero of Krokotopia" from helping a friend defeat Krokopatra and everyone who wanted to play was pestering me to beat this low lvl guy ( unbeknownst to them I was only a little higher lvl then the other ) quickly. ) And I only got 4 housing items on him, they came out about as soon as I beat Malistaire. Sigh, should I keep him? I really want a Balance but can't get another account... Back to the subject! He has snowflakes all over him and has this neat smile to go with it, not to mention a CL Trident I bought later on for him ( in TR of course ) and I nearly had enough crowns to buy Seraph wings, already ran out on TR. And well, to tell the truth, I didn't expect this disaster...
Hat is good, boots aren't bad but I didn't picture the robe to be what it looked like, ugh :P. In-game, me and a friend have been hassling about Mycin's "ugliness". Ok, my friend thinks his face looks ugly but I think it's the perfect "Storm" face, angry and explosive as I like to say. But my friend has a different sense of taste still, he had a black hat once, white robe and GREEN slippers, ew, lol ( and he dyed them those! ) . So the argument goes on and he pulls a lot of pranks ( like locking me up in his house ) a lot but still we remain good friends :). Although I'm thinking of revenge *hehehe*. Maybe it's silly as my friend Samantha Daisyleaf says whenever others argue but I like arguing sometimes, y'know? :). I also made friends with some lonely bears...

These bears do NOTHING in GH yet but they have titles, look at their lonely faces I:. lol, I'm hinting this may be a discovery, maybe pottery and tool-making will come to the Spiral! :D.

At guard-duty in Northgard.

Glitchy, glitchy! Instead of the Deck of the Sage like what I think that it's called, CL ( Celestia ) Deck 001 is the new glitched up name for it now in the TR, cool!

Just a screenshot of Pearlward in the Hatchery w/ Elvis :).
I've tried 4 hatches so far ( 3 Orthrus+Stormzilla and 1 Collosus+Hydra ) and no success yet in the Test. Just trying it for fun, it's the TR after all. The person with the Hydra I hatched with got it though! He said it's a Collosus with Balance symbols on it or something, interesting, it was called a "Winterborn" egg. Very little farming today, I basically hung out :). I played Wii, tried out my new NBA game and actually leveled up Tarlac, I'm not giving up on him :D. He's lvl 16 now, got the Absorb and Storm-trap. I also forgot quite a few so I hired a friend to go into Collossus Blvd. for me ( Yes, I'm on the 3 streets ) and got Lifetrap :D. Plus the Smith at the end ( Zeke's quest ) and a guy I was supposed to talk to about my Living tree spell quest, I had to do Golem Tower, I still had the original G.T. quest so I was happy to for a Tree spell :) plus got a few snacks. And that's basically my news for the day, kinda boring but a good day indeed, btw the World cup Quarterfinals start tomorrow! I'll listen to them on ESPN3 online and play W101 without sound I'm presuming, then I'll be kinda busy IRL writing thank-you's from my B-day and going to the library and Barnes+Noble, need a couple books for my Summer reading assignment ( Homework never stops! ). Happy Farming!


  1. The GH bears do have a purpose log on into the Test Realm and check out the notes. Also,

  2. Oh, ok, I'll check that out, thanks!


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