Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Statue of the week-Watchdog

Yesterday I got lucky on Meowiarty w/the Watchdog! Only statue in MB...
Details, details, details... He's from Meowiarty in Big Ben in MB as I said and he's the ONLY statue in MB ( like I also said ). He, um, stays up at night and keeps my house safe from weird ocean creatures, I salute him for that *salute*. No Auction, Limit 1 as well. In other news I got a Tiger mount! YAY!
She heard I was saving up gold on Mycin for one so she spared me the trouble by giving me one! :D. So, I saved a lot of money and bought an enchanted broom on Mycin anyway and gave it to Tarlac and Arlen's broom to Mycin.
With it! It's a little bumpy but complete awesomness.
Samantha needed Blizzard treasures for crafting the Watchtower hall so I just waited 10 minutes in the Bazaar till I found some and bought them, it's the least I could do ;).
And just watched the All-star game, the N.L. won, first since '96, woot! And Ortiz was kinda the goat in this one but the hero in the HR Derby, :P. Happy Farming!

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