Thursday, July 22, 2010

*Ding* 3rd Grandmaster!

It's official, Mycin is a GM!
Only 1 GM item though, Snowcrusher's hat is now equiped, gotta farm for his gear!
And the last boss I beat before turning GM gave me an awesome item:
I've thought of farming for it but hadn't had the time and on the "Find Cinder" quest, Bingo! Hydra statue. Plus, Mycin now has a tiger, Samantha Daisyleaf gave Arlen...
Woot! So now I officially don't need any more mounts, I traded Mycin's broom to my Death. ( Whom I'm planning to delete, so I'll give that to my new Balance wiz when he comes out :) )
And I'm back from Michigan, very nice trip, and I'm going to North Carolina to visit a family friend next week then August where I'll mope that summer is nearly over, ;). Have to farm for my GM gear and gold, Happy Farming!

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