Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in a week!

Bye guys, this post has to be quick, have to pack for North Carolina.
And I got a Grimzilla!

2nd straight hatching success, this time w/Mycin! I've decided to name all LVL 48 pets "Lord" something and this one was named after a certain "Peanuts" character, ;).

Tarlac's nearly LVL 35 and in Katz Lab ( not to mention I'm nearly done with MB side-quests )

And the pet I've held off to announce, Duke Annie the Death Ninja! ( I did not name that )
I got lucky on Yakedo yesterday, although my luck seems to be drooping today on Tarlac as he's fizzling A LOT, :-P.
I might be able to find a computer on vacation, hope I can attend John Lifeglen's Meet-and-Greet on Thursay, here's hoping I can still play! Happy Farming!

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