Monday, July 5, 2010

A simple guide on the Life tower glitch

Thanks to a fellow wizard who ( unlike many others ) told me how to do the Life tower roof-walking here is a simple guide, this is for you wizards who can't find out how on the internet or everybody you ask says it's a secret ;):
1. Go on to the banister and on to the little pole -

2. Do the legendary walk-through-walls trick, go to half-screen, press the up arrow and the little Wizard101 letters on the top left hand corner. Press the up arrow and W101 letters at same time and let go at same time a few seconds later, it may take a few tries but it should work eventually
3. You are up!
4. Now the talking-door trick, walk carefully around the roof till your just above the door-
Now do the same thing as #2, press up arrow and W101 letters at same time, let go at same time and voila! -
Hope this guide helped! Happy Farming!

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