Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures from Mycin's LVL 48 quest

I leveled Mycin 3 times in 2 days! Since DS is quite a bit easier ( funny note: Belia Windgazer still says Edrik's vault is still 8 floors, it's like 5 now ) I've basically soloed everything. On average, minions have about 250 less health :). So now I have the dreaded Labyrinth to do *groans and cheers* ( groan for length, cheer for loot ). I'll be doing it with another blogger who needs help, you can see his blog @ Now, here's my LVL 48 pictures!

I did this guy's quest in the Forum for the first time. Originally you had to beat 15 draconians but they cut it to 10 :). After beating them, you go to a little tower and beat 1 pair of dragons, go back, go to another little tower and take a Lens from a table then the guy figures out this undead lady is responsible for the Draconian mess and you beat her. I got a LOT of XP and after beating the tough lady I leveled up as you can see.

lol. Oscillating Overthruster.

Quickly beat the gearheads and...
I had to find someone called Pitter Daybreeze to figure out the Oscillating thingamijigy.

What! He died?!? :(.

Daybreeze's final resting place near the entrance of the Labyrinth, I've been in his house before but I had no idea it was his, but I did guess it was part of a LVL48 quest. In there, I'd see the rubble pile and wondered what it was for in the past ( you can actually change realms in this house too, even though it's in the Labyrinth ).

THAT'S what the rubble is for...

LOL, "Pitter's Pattern", get it?

Ol' Sohomer fixing it up for me. We all talk to ourselves after all, ;). ( Read his chat )
Summoning the Lord of storm.


He found out I was a student and gladly wished me his luck ( and the spell of course )


Double woot! Despite it hatching tonight

The name was randomized and I didn't have to use 500 gold cause his name already is awesome! That's a big big rarity for me seeing as I always get girl or girl/boy names ( e.g. Miss Otis my frog ).
Showing off the badge. Alas, the quest was kind of saddening seeing as I never got to meet Pitter ( R.I.P ). I did unlock the mystery of the Labyrinth house though :D. And I'm saving up Mycin's gold to get a tiger mount, :), that's my second favorite to Bat wings. Then I'll trade Mycin's tiger to Arlen and Arlen's broom to Mycin. Last note, notice the sword?

I wasn't even trying! Just got lucky on the Drake's quest o<)*
*=Cyclops face, I discovered that one, the "o" is for the eye, "<" for nose and of course ")" for smiley or o<(, oHappy Farming!


Have a splendiferous day! :)