Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Arlen Dawneyes news network (ADNN)

Only been on an hour today but it's already been great!
Gasp! I don't have to farm Serket in the future for the Green cat thug now!!! Thanks to... Samantha Daisyleaf-Supergiftingwoman! It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Supergiftingwoman! lol, sorry, I'm just happy about the 2 gifts :)
Andrew Pearlward's Test realm Nightwalker hatched! Woot, Boris Blackrock imitator!
A picture of the awesomely-named Joey
Can you say glitchy glitchy? This is a snap of a Pathfinder yesterday being attacked by bats trembling high in the air.
Plus, I have some non-W101 related things to share, Spain beat Paraguay 1-0 I: and Germany "drubbed" ( as my dad said ) Argentina 4-0! Darn, both teams I was rooting for in both games lost I: oh well...
And I also visited the Awesome Sauce-erer's blog ( Don't read the latest posts if your under 13, thank you ) and there's a lot of inspiration going around there for the LG ( Lesbian-Gay ) movement. To tell the truth, my dad is a bit of an activist for gay-rights and I've watched several Gay-rights movies/documentaries with him which really pained my inner-being, it's just horrible how 30% of suicides are of Bi-sexuals and it's a really tough burden to "come out" to your family/friends if you find out you are. I'm straight as I know it, but this modern-day "Civil-rights movement" is an inspiration for many, including me. If your against gay-rights, think about it. Would you like to be treated ( possibly worse ) than African-Americans were in the 60's? Would you like every day to possibly be life-or-death? One of the big arguments against gays are that the "bible says not to be gay". Well, it also says not to eat pigs ( which we pretty much do everyday ) among other things. It's hard to explain actually how the Bible doesn't actually condemn gays, if you want an answer I highly recommend the documentary "For the Bible tells me so" which explains a lot clearer and goes through a few gay's parents lives/thoughts at first. I could rant for a while about this but just think about how bad gays are treated now-a-days. One of my cousins is gay, he came out to my dad a long time ago which helped a lot, we really need more supporters of it. Sorry if this is a little "mature" for this blog, I just had to unwind my thoughts about this, thank you :). Note: My life minotaur is almost Ancient! Happy Farming!

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