Monday, July 5, 2010

Petnome photoshoot pics!

Visit for the REAL pictures when they come out but here are ones I took...
I even got a "Friendly sighting!"
Looks like he's dumped the Jester hat
Look closely on the top left corner, there's when we were just starting to line up
On my 5th Krokopatra try today and just minutes before the photoshoot :), Life troll!
And here's the Silver collossus I got last night, first pet in the Hall of Valor so far ( I first said this on Twitter, it's Twoheadedwiz if you'd like to follow )
Madame Nala, I always get girl names I:
Plus I also leveled my Life minotaur to Ancient, now he can play his spell! ( I tried out the spell but it has the same animation as Minotaur )
One more Petnome pic I just got to finish off...
Happy Farming!

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  1. Nice pictures glad you got a cool prize beforre the photoshoot began!


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