Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marleybone how I love thee...

From Reed Trever to Meowiarty. Every pun, is as good as done. At midnight, the prowlers come, in the atmosphere of the streetlights. Oh, Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. From Regent's Square to Katzenstein's lair and your majestic atmosphere, your XP also cares. The new spells we learn while in Marleybone and the pets, oh the pets. From a Seraph, to a spider. The jackets have rackets and the missing purses have curses, and the cats are aided by rats. Oh, Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. From Scratchers to Nappers, the streets are filled, with adventurous wizards. Scotland Yard solves the crimes, but sometimes they make mistakes, like when they lock up mimes. Sherlock Bones is always on the trail, leading you to bosses tough as nails. Oh Marleybone, oh Marleybone, how I love thee. How I love thee scenery ( although smoggy ) From aiding the ladies and maidies, to fighting machinery, who can run as fast as I do when I go to the bakery. The clocktowers are a power, the challenge is irresistible. So go to Marleybone and make some kibble! ~ A poem from Tarlac Lifegiver, who recently started Marleybone

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  1. Bravo good sir,

    I definitely loved this poem Tarlac sounds like a natural ;)


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