Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mycin in Grizzleheim

Hello Grizzleheim, with your lovely scenery and not so lovely Lothin Doombringer.

Awesome Scarsnout drop ( Frostholm ), I'm getting a lot of furniture drops in GH, I got the tree lamp thing from a non-repeatable boss.

While killing the corrupted Ivar Andersson, the health is a little too close for comfort.

*GAG* Being impaled is not fun, especially by a wolf.
Now they set me on fire...

And my last meal, lol.
GH is always fun, but I'm now at Jotun, ugliness mixed with toughness, ugh.

Hanging w/ Lord Rex

He still hasn't grasped the concept of being house-broken so I had to scold him.

But he made up for it by aging to Adult. Although the talents could be better...

Record hit on any of my characters! 12,893 on Jade oni :).
My gold on Mycin is now 64,075, getting ever closer to a Tiger mount. You may have noticed the bat wings in those pictures, it's a 1 day rental from Zeke, I was tired of moving slow. Oh, and I have 10 followers! *throws up confetti* thanks people who simply clicked follow! Followers help me see if this thing is getting popular ( hehheh) so just click on the Follow button to make me happy or comment more often :D. Happy Farming!

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