Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another long ( and slightly successful ) day of playing

It's been another busy day.
Rudy hatches.
This is what I will stitch when I do, DS hat ( small Myth symbol on front ), Awesome MB Myth cloak with Myth markings over it and the cool "Jester Robe" look and those MB fancy boots.
Tarlac did a pretty nice feat, beat Freddy 9 Lives ( literally ) all 9 times w/out going outside once to get health wisps, and got Regenerate!
lol, just a little bug where I was stuck like this, pose would be great for theater.

Regen. and Centaur, all in a days work, Tarlac actually is on the Ironworks, and almost done with all those pesky side-quests I need to do at this time. That includes doing Mooshu side-quests, just didn't do the life enemy ones, saving those for later ( when I'm better *rolls eyes* )
A star is born. xD. ( 5:32 PM EST, 7/24/10, remember that ) You may wonder what I'm doing in MS, just did a little furniture farming ( don't hear that much ), wasn't a big failure. Thanks to this great new guide on Central:
Read it, it's quite useful!
With the help of Mega-snacks, Sparky will already be an adult tomorrow, they grow up so fast...
I'm actually contemplating the idea ( silly, entertaining, :) ) of a comic strip featuring Lord Spike and Lord Sparky, after all, I named this site after my dog so, he should get a bit more credit, :).
Here's a good suggestion: Spike 'n Sparky's Spats. lol, Sibling rivalry! While I'm riding in the car on the long road to NC, I might make a few of these, hehe. And, in the comments, if you want to be in the strip just say your name! Btw, Grimtooth is my next hopeful hatch. Silvery Spectre with well, cool, awesome, gold, ugly, teeth. :D.
And 1 awesome pet success today! Computer's lag wouldn't permit a picture till it hatches, but here's a hint: Mortality, Self-defense. Just think, and if you get it right ( write your guess, 2 tries like always in the comments ) you may be a frequently-shown character on Spike 'n Sparky's Spats. xD. Happy Farming!


  1. I want to be in the comic strip! Jacob thundersword. and my two favorite pets are Lord Lexie, a sturdy dragon. And Sir Misty a dangerhound. Love the blog by the way, keep on posting and having the goodluck.

    -Jacob Thundersword

  2. Alrighty, if this ever comes out as a drawing expect sticky-figures, :I. Thanks! ( I just got a Grimzilla btw, no joke ) xD


Have a splendiferous day! :)