Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another party missed...

And this one was made at the last minute! The RR team and Fallon S. and TFN did the Warehouse, which I shall beat soon. And of course, TFN had to be at the afterparty and I got home from vacation and found out, went to Nightside and I had missed TFN by a few minutes *sigh*. Couldn't this have happened tomorrow? :-P. So I'm lying in wait till the next party and Friendly sighting. 2 RR afterparties, 1 huge meet-and-greet missed, they HAD to be earlier this week *sighs again, lol* I'm challenging someone out there to make another really big party ( please? ). It could be called the "Arlen Dawneyes compensation party" or something ;). It seems we have so many parties, but they are so awesome, there should be 1 everyday. Just my opinion. Happy Farming!

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