Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hybrid sightings!

When I was on the Test realm this morning I saw some really interesting mixes... here you go!
Basilisk is a Hydra with one color, not 3 colors on it's heads, basically blu-ish all over, I didn't find out how to get it yet though
I hatched with a Storm hound and got the...Storm hound! Crowns pet from hatching :).

Orthrus w/Helephant. This looked like the heckhound although I forgot to check if it had 2 heads ( probably did ) and the feet look a little bit different
Darn, I already forgot what this looks like...

Earth elemental basically looks like the Earthwalker in the Pet shop but I noticed a slightly different green,mossy color on this one ( this one had a tattoo on it's chest also )
I love the name of this one, I'm guessing it's Stormzilla/Helephant? It was pretty kewl, basically a tint of blue/purplish, hard to describe ;).
Just another small glitch of a *dead?* elf in the Pet Pavilion, I noticed it's head hanging low so I took this weird snapshot :D. Happy Farming and 4th of July! ( woot for fireworks! )


  1. Dude, people already know about this stuff so should you they have guides on Central and W101 Videos on YouTube etc.

  2. Ah ok, I just don't really check that stuff, I like to "discover" it myself, it was kinda fun even though I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one who had done that glitch although I didn't say that ;). I check Central for Pet/Mount lists, guides on places like the Warehouse, that's all

  3. Besides, some people check blogs instead of Central etc. so just lettin' the public who didn't know, know. And I haven't seen some of the hybrid pictures on Central and other sites


Have a splendiferous day! :)