Thursday, July 8, 2010

*gasps* Almost. A. Pet. Warlord.

As I write this just past 4AM the Derby rank in my Character screen says 880-Commander. I'm usually finishing 2nd place or even 3rd nowadays ( in the beginning of the Pet derby I whooped everyone ) So lets say I get 2nd place for 4 races, that would mean I'm actually a Warlord in something! My only complaint is the sometimes ridiculous wait on this, when it is a shorter wait for once I usually have to race someone who is really really fast. But by the next time I post I should be there :). Plus I've actually been busy Tarlac-leveling, he's gone from LVL 18 to 22 from Collosus Blvd. to the Hall of Champions in 1 day! I did have 1 embarrasing defeat at Shai Nirini when he kept weakness-ing me and I had a horrid hand ;P. And LVL 22 means... new spells! Seraph and Kraken in this case, I released the kraken my first times on both bosses in the Throne room of Fire. Plus he's past LVL 20 so I had to use some of his own money since the gear for that is "No Trade" and his new look:

Robe is similar to "newbie" vestment but no worries, it gives awesome stats.
And this morning I used a lot of money on Fire Soup for my Firebat...

Fire-shot only gives 1% Fire Acc. and Disconcert is yet another no-ducking talent

Does anyone remember when there was a boss here ( side quest, Chamber of Chosen ) but they took him out? I remember reading on the W101 Forums that someone noticed there are 2 Soul Scavenger bosses in KT, I immediately realized that, one was here and the other one is in the Hall of Champions, they are both ghosts. So they must have noticed that and took the 1st Scavenger boss out, :).

A glitch! I was battling and suddenly my targets wanted to take a stretch so they walked off. So I had to re-do the fight ;).

*Spews sand out of mouth* Happy Farming!

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