Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Info on "house-stealing"

First of all, my "house" ( well, all the items in it ) may have been stolen, :'(. Yea, I'm actually a little calmer than I thought I would be since KI usually can give compensation for this and ( I hope! ) it may be a bug, I'm going to submit a report to KI later.
sigh. I'm giving my trust to Kingsisle for this.
Btw, you CANNOT trade pets/items or steal anymore, it's been fixed thankfully :).
But, unbeknownst to some wizards, they are still asking if anyone wants to trade pets with them, so if you see this, report them, simple as that. My guess is that a friend of a friend somehow got in and did this last night, I have a friend who knew how to do the glitch but not in a bad way, he just traded pets with other friends and didn't "steal" at all. But maybe one of his friends had a worse heart, idk yet. ( I'm thinking of going undercover at some of his friends houses to see if they stole anything, :P ). And from the KI newswire, it used to say you won't be able to go to your house because they are trying to fix the problem, but you can go to your house now if you survived ;). Plus, I'm watching the World cup and writing this atm and a Netherlands player scored an incredible goal, 1-0 over Uruguay so far, go Netherlands! At least I'm optimistic about the World Cup and my houses future, Happy Farming!

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