Thursday, July 15, 2010

2nd RR After-party

First, random pictures as suggested by Kieran Stormcaller

And I did my best to get a Ravenwood Radio crew shot! Steven Spiritcaller
And a better picture of Leesha Darkheart
It was great! I admit I didn't listen to the show too much since I was at the early-afterparty and in the chatroom but I'll listen to it, not live, tomorrow. Here's the link ( for Samantha Daisyleaf who asked ) And Mycin is @the Coven, did all of Ravenscar, mostly by myself. Just needed help w/Frostmantle and the fire member of the Coven. I beat the Gurtok Barrier demon, but no Firebat ;P. Although, I got not 1, not 2, but 4 bat wing furniture items! Not from the Gurtok, just random minions in Ravenscar, mostly Winterwing Wardens. Plus, did Jotun on Mycin w/Alric Ravensinger ( Raven's vault ) Fallon Moongem and Heather Raven ( Wandering Conjurer ). Alric got his, not 1, not 2, but 4th Zombie overall from Lokar, I didn't get anything, just some more furniture ( GH is a furniture magnet for me w/Mycin lately, lol ). And Alric got the Lifebat too, sigh xD. Also having fun with my new tiger, thanks again Samantha!
and... Happy Farming!


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  2. Don't be bitter were gonna do a Tree of Life run soon and you'll get a pet. I'm up for any instance or anything as I need gold for hybrid mixing anyway.

  3. Cool, I'm also up for Labyrinth or Katz Lab running!


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