Saturday, July 31, 2010

Announcing... ( a party, please read! )

Mycin's Meet and Mingle! Or, whatever you want to call it.
This event is just another fun party and I guess it could be for celebrating Mycin's grandmaster achievement, I must admit I like Mycin more than Arlen, Storm doesn't have the most health but can kill QUICK. Arlen is still my main though, always :). So I do all my farming on Mycin but transfer the items to Arlen who sells them than hatches etc. etc. and he now has the best house considering that Arlen's was stolen and I haven't gotten an e-mail from KI back yet. But to the point, the house is nice, just items thrown around but still like-able. Now for some sneak peeks
There are items blocking the entrance to the cave, it will be for ANYONE who wants to get away from the crowd ( if this party gets enough publicity, ;) ) not just VIP, although, say if your TFN or someone and want to get out from the mob feel free to go in.
In the cave, I have a fireplace blocking again, but if this party ever hits the road and it's happening, just ask me if you can go in, nothing simpler.
Good view of the outside.
Now, there's the setting-up problem. This party, if it goes, will go on depending on when it's best
for everyone and it has enough publicity. This is my first party attempt, so please comment if you can help me set up! e.g. make posters, spread the word to other bloggers... I put it as an event on Diaryofawizard too. Doin' my part :). Happy Farming! and partying...


  1. Sounds fun! I could probably help make a poster. But this would just be a word poster, with no complicated pictures (I'm not that good with Photoshop yet). I could also help spread the word.

  2. I would so help. I know how bummed out you are that you missed other party's so I will spread the word and maybe make a poster.

    -Jacob Thundersword

  3. Great, spreading the word is good enough for me :). Good luck in trying to make posters too


Have a splendiferous day! :)