Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 4

...KRAK-KA-BOOM! "What's the matter young Conjurer, are you chicken?" ( reference to an item Mali drops: Chicken heads ) "Uhh...Ambrose...can you help me out here???" "I don't know what's going on, just take this deck of cards, and follow my instructions!" "How pathetic, I don't want to use any of my power tromping a Novice wizard! Guards, seize him!" "AMBROSE! NAME SOME INSTRUCTIONS! NOW! Ooh, a unicorn..." "Cast a Balanceblade!" "This thing?" "No, that's a Meteor Strike, you can't use it yet!" ( And after a quick orientation... ) "All right guards, earn your keep and finish him off!" -SUMMON NINJA PIGS!- HIYA! HO, HO, HA! "Heh, how can farm animals hurt me? Oh wait, they're ninjas..." Soon, Arlen's crystal Health ball starts to crack. "Here's some pips, and hurry, cast Unicorn!" -SUMMON UNICORN!- "Aww, I want to pet that thing." "Everyone does. But whatever you do, don't leave your battle circle." Arlen's Health ball soon glimmers with red again. "Pathetic fools! Finish the child!" -SUMMON SKELETAL PIRATE!- "Uhhhhhmmm, living dead? Ew." Having had a hard time sleeping last night, the other Dragon Guard fell asleep, and passed... "Now what, Headmaster?" "Use Meteor Strike immediately!" -SUMMON METEORS!- The Dragons fall into the ground, defeated. "Ugh, next time Ambrose, I have what I came for..." "We'll resolve this later, now here, drink this potion, young Conjurer!" Soon, Arlen is standing in Ambrose's office. "Here, take this letter to Private Stillson. We are having trouble with Undead in Unicorn Way." "Undead? But, but..." "Just go in there, I'll have you come back in for some ending paperwork and teacher meetings soon!" "Oh, great." Arlen thought "Just like school, in real life." *sigh* But this place does look cooler... ( To be continued... )

Hope you liked it :). For IRL matters, my computer is now officially a piece of junk. So, no Wizard101 ( except if Celestia comes out, since the Test Realm works here on my dad's computer ) for a little while, sorry! Lately, I've been having fun with other bloggers such as Amber Rosepetal, Kieran Stormcaller, Blaze Stormthief to name some, and been hanging around the Gurtok Demon in the Plaza of Conquests, starting to hunt for the Ianthine Spectre and having really funny random conversation xD. So the stuff Gurtok drops that isn't the Spectre goes to Arlen to sell for snacks - he's fresh out of them already. After I get the Spectre, which shall be farmed for on weekdays, and Tarlac-leveling on weekends, I'll keep farming Boulderbone/Oyotomi and trying to get more furniture, doing dungeons, etc. At least no Wizard101 means I'll be getting outside a lot more :-P. Happy Farming! ( and look for a Sights of the Spiral post, when I get a new computer! =) )

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ADEE - Boulderbone vs. Oyotomi


( ADEE = Arlen DawnEyes Experiment ) The majority of you who are reading are probably going, who the heck is Boulderbone? He's a, you could say secret, boss in Mirkholm Keep:

Go left at Osric, then go left again and you'll be with some Canyon Ragers ( life ) and there's a cave with a sigil ( you know, one of those instance area entering-things ). Inside, is Boulderbone. He drops a neat little Weapons Cache too...

Anyways, here's the thing, Boulderbone is a great gold farmer. Why? Here's a reason...

And that's at a lower dye, the Theorem robe can sell for over 2,500 gold :D. There's also a frequent ring dropped for 1,500, and the other drops are only about 500. So, I did a little experiment since Oyotomi is the main mega farmer since the Raven$ were cut down a bit and Oyotomi's stuff skyrocketed in price. Fighting both in exactly 10 minutes, Boulderbone's stuff I got in that period ( fighting w/Mycin for both ) all sold for a combined 6,900, while Oyotomi's combined sold for 3,500. A little disclaimer, I didn't get as many high-price Oyotomi stuff as usual, including some No Auction things ( sell for less ) and hats. Try it out yourself and see what happens, but it looks like Boulderbone is the best boss to gold farm when you have to solo. Here's some recommendations on what schools to fight which when you have no help:
Storm: Fight Boulderbone
Ice: Fight Boulderbone
Fire: Fight Boulderbone
Balance: Fight Boulderbone
Life: Fight Oyotomi
Death: Fight Oyotomi
Myth: Fight Oyotomi
A major setback is if you don't have the spell Feint, it takes longer btw. Except if you're storm, a Stormblade and a Storm Lord kills, 3 rounds. Now, I'd recommend Oyotomi for team, when you're not soloing. Here's one reason: http://my.diaryofawizard.com/profiles/blogs/one-round-mooshu-boss-kill?xg_source=shorten_twitter Read that link by Valdus Soulpyre if ya can ( aka Fallon Shadowblade's husband, lol ). If you can beat Oyotomi as a team in less than 3 rounds you should probably farm him. Here's more recommendations for team ( if everyone is this school )
Storm: Fight Boulderbone
Ice: Fight Oyotomi
Fire: Fight Boulderbone
Balance: Fight Oyotomi
Life: Fight Oyotomi
Death: Fight Oyotomi
Myth: Fight Oyotomi
Work out your own strategies for each boss if you'd like! I'm going to look for a possibly better Grizzleheim boss ( maybe another in Mirkholm ) to gold farm, and I discovered my little Boulderbone strategy while farming for that Weapons Cache ;). Happy Farming!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Done w/GH again, and JAWS!

Busy last couple of hours today ( yes, all these pics were taken then ) - First off, Tarlac finished the long but awesome Ravenscar!

First by teaching his "friend" a lesson...

After beating the Coven and being called to the King, this is customary.

"Hey looky, there's a cockroach crawling on your wall, Mr. Goldenblade."

"I take it you don't care about the cockroach..."
Afterwards, thanks to the random GH stuff selling for 1,000 gold, Tarlac went on a selling spree for his house. Here's pictures...

I discovered this place from a secret cave I stumbled in to, great view.

The passageway of the cave

His forest, which is nearly done


Awesome Mini-Nidavellir. It just a runestone in it so far.
Nice spot to go fishing
In yo FACE Valgard! I've got my own throne for you to bow to.
Dead Tree at the top of the house, if you climb it and you fall, well let's just say you probably wouldn't be here tomorrow...
In other news, I missed Ravenwood Radio since it started at 9:30, darn it! I'm about to listen to it, maybe I'll take Dugan out for a bit if I learn some more about Fire :). And 'Gratz to Friendly who's going to make his own trip to KI *envy* lol, if I ever go to Texas ( I did once, before I knew about Wizard101 ) I'm going to beg my parents to take me just to their studios. :-P, maybe I'll catch a peek of an upcoming world :D. And, the number 1 thing...
*plays music from Jaws movie* LAND SHARK - Coming to a park near you, BEWARE!
With his sidekick, THUNDERWRAITH. So that's why Tarlac inherited his Tiger ;) - Tarlac and Dugan w/their robes look fat on brooms LOL. Thanks a million, Samantha for using $30 IRL just for my pleasure =D. Have a happy weekend ( and be sure to catch Boise State beating Oregon State tonight ) - Happy Farming!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 3

...Arlen stepped out into the brisk morning breeze, and walked toward the bus. Suddenly, it felt a little windier than usual. It got hazy and without warning, everything got sucked into a whirpool. "HEL-----......." "It looks like we found him, Gamma!" "Hooo!" "Huh? Were am I?" "In the Headmaster's office, young wizard." "Uh..." "What do you look like?" "What do you THINK I look like, I'm right in front of you!" "Yes, yes, but we need you to pick an outfit." "Er, ok...?" Arlen picked a yellow suit - looked pretty boring. "OK, now, what's your name?" "Seriously?" "Excuse me, you're WIZARDLY name, here's a list" "Ooh, Arlen's on here. Um, Dawn is my favorite time of day if it weren't for morning, and Eyes - Why I would I be named Dawnpants?" "OK young wizard, what is your school?" "Uh, the ( name blocked out for IRL school for personal reasons :-P )?" "No, no, you're WIZARDLY school, hehe." "Oh, of course *rolls eyes*" "You have chosen the school of Myth!" "Harry Houdini attented this? COOL! Can I start now?" "Ah, ah, ah, orientation...the WIZ-" "-ARDLY way, I know." "First, let's learn to walk!" "The WIZARDLY way, right?" "Correct, you're catching on fast, young wizard. Ah, I've forgotten to install a speaking implement for you!" "People here no speak English?" "Well yes, Wizards speak Wizzy, Kroks speak Krokky..." "I get the point, so you speak English, but no one else?" "Yes, except the Ravenwood teachers, it's a job requirement." "Ravenwood?" "You have much to learn, young-" "-wizard, ok, ok, can you call me something else?" "Well, you're a Conjurer..." "Whatever that is, fine." "To the Golem Tower, to train!" ...5 minutes later... "Looks like quite a storm is coming, better take guard young Conjurer, the 1st storm is always the hardest!" "You guys have hurricanes a lot?" "Hurricanes?" "Never mind." ( Rain starts to fall ) "Wow, it's falling fast, do you have storm sewers?" "Oh, plenty!" "Good, cause at this rate it would be flooding on Earth soon." KRAK-KA-BOOOOOOMMM! "Holy...cow!" Suddenly, a dark shadow darkens the skies. "Ambrose!" "Malistaire, what are you doing! You didn't happen to learn Tempest, did you?" "Ehm, no, I'm the NECROOOMASSTERRRRR!" "He sounds evil..." "He always does, young Conjurer. But he's good, just a little upset about Sylvia's passing" KRAKKK-KABOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMmmmm.... "Are you sure he's good?" "I CHALLENGE YOU'RE NEW WIZARD TO A DUEL!" "Malistaire! My new student has a point, you DO sound evil!" To be continued...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sights of the Spiral - Ravenscar

OK - New segment! The Spiral is really a beatiful place, and sometimes you just want to walk around admiring it, y'know? So every once in a while I'll post a bit of pictures from a certain place and for the first one, we have Ravenscar, probably the MOST beautiful ;). It's known for the Coven mainly, but a friend of mine pointed out that she just walks around it a lot, due to it's beauty and sereneness ( ok, that's what I put, lol ). Grizzleheim music makes it all the more awesome as well, and the dark snowy background ~ Here's pictures from Ravenscar!
We start at the beginning...

Starting in the caves, it stretches out ( hehe - birdhouses ) and more caves. Then, we get to the great Glacial Plains. There, it's all snowed in and some little, but glistening, caves spot the area. And look at the clouds in picture #9 - awesome. The cliffs, the Collossi ( picture #12 ), then the Great Fortress where countless wizards earn there gold for a living ;), it holds the secret to the Everwinter that can freeze us all, but it's the main source of the Wizard101 Spiral economy. My favorite of all these is picture #9, it reminds me of Christmas - snowing, dark, and it's so frozen it's an ideal North Pole location for Santa xD. I can hear sleigh bells just thinking about it - Well that's it for the first "Sights of the Spiral" segment ~ Le chien deux vampire tete est sortie, Heureux D'elevage!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok, I'm bored...

I need content right now, lol. I think I was going to write about something this post but I see to have forgotten what... Anyways, why should: 3 pages of Math, 3 pages of French, a book report and a fundraiser paper be assigned for homework...on a weekend? I thought they couldn't assign us much homework on a weekend, oh well. I just finished up a 1/2 Mali run and the Tumok fight took 1 hour ( long story ) everyone went afk, so I'm bored to death xD. Tarlac is almost past Savarstaad Pass, I'm just using him a little. Um, nothing else really. TGIF is all I have to say, lol. La chien a deux tetes vampire est sorti ~ ( the two-headed vampire dog is out - in French ) Happy Farming!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Round and Round

I had ORIGINALLY intended to post a ton of pictures of the Selena Gomez quest, but there were like 40, no kidding, and that would take over an hour :-P. I'll put Mycin's tiger and dance instead:

Tiger does the doggy paddle, just like me IRL.

Ready set...

Round and round, were never gonna stop...
and one of my favorite parts was the crabs "ocean nuptials" to Selena, LOL. I secretly stole all the cake too, heheh.
In other news, I've been doing a lot of Ken-Park runs and not a single person has gotten the Spider Golem or Seraph, and the 1st Stoker re-spawns so we often re-fought him a lot, no dice. Darn you Stoker(s). I DID get a Carved Pew from the Bazaar, which drops there and is pretty awesome ( and cheap! ) woot! We livestreamed it on http://www.livestream.com/thesaviorsofthespiral and I said a lot of random wacky stuff in the chat room, these runs are always fun ( Kid podcasts FTW! :D ) And Tarlac turned LVL 45! C'mon, just one picture:
I love the Life gear for 50 best - one of the only I wouldn't stitch. 45 gear leaves something to be desired, but oh well. He's detouring through GH next, and I'm thinking of some raven-farming on main characters so don't expect him @ 50 for a little bit. I went to grandma's again too, so I wasn't here Monday and Tuesday - Love her cable TV xD. 2 documentaries on the Chupacabra and Amazon headshrinkers *phew*. The Chupacabra is probably my new favorite mythical animal - a coyote-like creature who sucks farm animals blood... ew. It's recent and there have been a ton of sightings in Texas, including some videos. It's like a dog w/a long snout and mange ( no hair ). If I had a Grimtooth I'd name it Lord Chupacabra ( but I just learned it means goat-sucker, so I don't know, lol ) since it's a dog originated from the death pet - Wraith, and the death school has the spell Vampire, which is just like a Chupacabra. When I re-make Chase Deathcrafter I could nickname him "El Chupacabra" but again, it means goat-sucker and when did a wizard maul animals? lol, till next time ~ Happy Farming!
( or ~ El Chupacabra )

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cast a Change - Results!

My dad was a little bit late w/my new USB thingy so my internet could work, but I got in for a small tour of Blaze's house, and we moved to mine...

Everyone fooled around and stuff for a bit, and then we all had a moment of silence

for 9/11. R.I.P lads.

Thanks to Donna Spellthorn, for suggesting that, I hope you all had a moment of silence IRL today too :).
Last but not least, group pictures in my greenhouse!

And then a little afterparty chat, we were all glad we made a little contribution to Mother Nature and rememborance of 9/11. A lot of suggestions were made to how you could help the environment - including less wizard101 *gasp* Back to that, when you are NOT playing wizard101, to turn off your computer and save energy ;D. Also, pick up trash in your neighborhood, use organic stuff, less plastic etc. etc. all in all, it was a great evening ( and Michigan beat Notre Dame in the last minute, YES!!! ). Kestrel, a co-host, couldn't come and neither could Jacob Thundersword ( who REALLY REALLY wanted to, but IRL slaps you in the face sometimes, you know? ). Tomorrow I'll be posting my Selena Gomez thoughts, even though I'm sure you all know about it already ( Please DON'T read it if you haven't been in the Test realm, lol ). And another huge thank-you to Samantha Daisyleaf, who crafted 2 more place settings for me, and gifted me a Mega snack pack! :D - Isn't it great to have friends? Happy Farming!

Where were you?

It's 9/11. Therefore, did you know that 95% of americans remember where they were when they heard about it? My mom was in bible study, I had just been dropped off at pre-school, and dad was driving home from dropping me off. A mentor of mine was walking in the neighborhood and heard the news from some construction workers, and it goes on... In 6th grade, our teacher and the school held a minute of silence - The teacher said an announcement came on saying to "turn on your TV's" and most of the teachers went to the teacher's lounge ( many were crying as they watched, he claims ) and school got out early. It was pretty shocking for about every American, and about 3,000 died. So just remember that today, and as a couple of the TT's on Twitter says, #neverforget and #wherewereyou. And otherwise, have a great Saturday, and hope to see many of you at 6:30 PM EST in the Dryad Life tower tonight :). Well, I'm going to get a USB thingy for my computer and watch Michigan take on Notre Dame ( go blue! ) so, Happy Farming! *insert The Star Spangled Banner here*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cast a Change reminder! And Extra Life

First of all, I finally figured out Pre-Algebra. IN YOUR FACE, TEACHER! lol, anyways I'm hoping to get an A in that, the unit now seems easy. I also just finished The Pearl by Jon Steinbeck ( author of the class - Mice and Men ) and it had a pretty sad ending. Why must Middle school have all these books with sad endings??? *groan* ok, onto the real stuff...
Wandcast has ended ( D: ), the great podcast by the Info cousins and Kestrel, it was a great show. And, Cast for Change is tomorrow! Please remember to be in the Dryad realm - Life Tower by 6:30PM EST. We need all the people we can get! I'm posting this from my dad's computer, since my computer's thing-a-majigy that makes the Internet work is broken, so my dad should get a new one tomorrow. And OF COURSE Selena Gomez has come to the Spiral, I loved the ending part of the quest where the King Crab delivers his "Ocean Nuptials" poem, xD. Then, Selena sings her "Round and Round" hit, and I just love dancing w/her and the crabs then to celebrate. And SWIMMING! Too awesome. I also got 2 Myth Sprites ( on different characters ) from those 2 Crab Guards, interesting. Selena is an Ice wizard btw, *gasp* There's so much to post, but I'll be back w/my statue of the week and my "Round and Round" pictures in a day or 2, not to mention Cast a Change pictures. Lastly, I'll leave you with this very inspirational story from a charity Ravenwood Radio is going to help
Rats, it wont let me paste it :/. Here's the link: http://ravenwoodradio.com/, Emma Shadowwalker is quite a sad story, donate if ya can. Till later, Happy Farming!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 2

Here we go, continuing from last week! As headed from the bus stop, in broad daylight he happened to see...The same Spiraling shape in the sky. He asked his friend "Hey, what the heck is that up there?" "Hmm?" "That cluster of stars..." "Who could see stars in the DAYTIME? Algebra must really be getting to you" "But, it's right ther..." "You need a Root beer" *sigh* The next morning, while still groggy, he caught something flying in the corner of his eye. "What the...!?" He then saw that owl, with glasses and staring at him. "Gamma" the owl said. "Toodle-oo, young wizard!" Arlen blinked, and saw a picture of a chamber on the counter, and 9 swirling masses in that same "Spiral" he had seen again yesterday. "Eat your cornflakes Arlen, and don't just stand there, you've got a bus to catch!" He quickly put the picture in his pocket, and thought "Young wizard? What is this, Harry Potter?" To be continued...
Incidentally, I'm going to Assateague Island for tomorrow and Thursday, since there's no school cause of Rosh Hashanah - It's a great island with wild horses, as you may know if you've read the book - Misty of Chincoteague. We are just visiting some family friends and going there, so I'll be back Friday with the returned Statue of the week, and Tarlac's latest devolpments. Oh, and my favorite team Boise State won a great game 33-30 last night, stayed up to watch the whole thing =D. They nearly lost, but when they won I was REALLY happy, and I still got up for school today :-P. My History teacher is also an avid fan and actually went to the game at FedEx Field, a little bit of a drive and witnessed it, lucky him ;). Go Broncos! And, Happy Farming!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tarlac on to DS and Briskbreeze

Today was Bad: Lost at Briskbreeze twice and Good: Tarlac is now in Dragonspyre - I shall start w/ the Briskbreeze unfortunalities...

This was a buggy part where Amber's minion turned into a zombie after it died, but Victoria used Rebirth. The same thing happened to the rats in the Warehouse BUT this one stayed alive when it died again O_O "DEFEATED" it clearly said under it, weird. It died the next time it died :-P. There were 3 cause a storm friend had to leave in the middle, and we all died with Orrick surviving w/1000 health left *sigh*. The second time, with Mythspent Youth, Amber's Life Grand and Thomas Deathgem, Thomas got disconnected and we ended up dying while Orrick had 1600 health left. Oh well, the reason I was trying was because of the Grand ring which so many are farming for lately - anyways on to Tarlac...

... who turned LVL 42!

and also got... STORMZILLA!
I also had a successful hatching :)

I saw "Lifebloom egg" and I knew it was a hybrid ( other orthrus' always are Chimerical ) and pretty sure it was a Jade Hound, I went to the dye shop. Well, I got a Traveler, and it's the next best thing!

Zoom in, and he has a cyclops eye and Myth armbands :). Yes, I named him Lord Pebbles, I guess it was cause he's a tree and lots of trees have pebbles under them etc. etc.

Now here's a bug I experienced - I used the candle and the Ghost minion went in a battle, without me in it O_O. I took this, went in and beat him then Fushiko.
Tarlac just beat the Tree of Life too, no good loot gained and is at the Jade Oni - very close to DS! Actually, he will be doing GH as a detour before, so hoping I'm nearly LVL 45 before then. Oh, and the ninja pig transformations :)

Couldn't resist!

At Heather Raven's piggy place, doing my best to imitate Koto and making bacon out of the piggles... and that's the news for tonight - Hope you're all having a great Labor day weekend. Happy Farming!