Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 3

...Arlen stepped out into the brisk morning breeze, and walked toward the bus. Suddenly, it felt a little windier than usual. It got hazy and without warning, everything got sucked into a whirpool. "HEL-----......." "It looks like we found him, Gamma!" "Hooo!" "Huh? Were am I?" "In the Headmaster's office, young wizard." "Uh..." "What do you look like?" "What do you THINK I look like, I'm right in front of you!" "Yes, yes, but we need you to pick an outfit." "Er, ok...?" Arlen picked a yellow suit - looked pretty boring. "OK, now, what's your name?" "Seriously?" "Excuse me, you're WIZARDLY name, here's a list" "Ooh, Arlen's on here. Um, Dawn is my favorite time of day if it weren't for morning, and Eyes - Why I would I be named Dawnpants?" "OK young wizard, what is your school?" "Uh, the ( name blocked out for IRL school for personal reasons :-P )?" "No, no, you're WIZARDLY school, hehe." "Oh, of course *rolls eyes*" "You have chosen the school of Myth!" "Harry Houdini attented this? COOL! Can I start now?" "Ah, ah, ah, orientation...the WIZ-" "-ARDLY way, I know." "First, let's learn to walk!" "The WIZARDLY way, right?" "Correct, you're catching on fast, young wizard. Ah, I've forgotten to install a speaking implement for you!" "People here no speak English?" "Well yes, Wizards speak Wizzy, Kroks speak Krokky..." "I get the point, so you speak English, but no one else?" "Yes, except the Ravenwood teachers, it's a job requirement." "Ravenwood?" "You have much to learn, young-" "-wizard, ok, ok, can you call me something else?" "Well, you're a Conjurer..." "Whatever that is, fine." "To the Golem Tower, to train!" ...5 minutes later... "Looks like quite a storm is coming, better take guard young Conjurer, the 1st storm is always the hardest!" "You guys have hurricanes a lot?" "Hurricanes?" "Never mind." ( Rain starts to fall ) "Wow, it's falling fast, do you have storm sewers?" "Oh, plenty!" "Good, cause at this rate it would be flooding on Earth soon." KRAK-KA-BOOOOOOMMM! "Holy...cow!" Suddenly, a dark shadow darkens the skies. "Ambrose!" "Malistaire, what are you doing! You didn't happen to learn Tempest, did you?" "Ehm, no, I'm the NECROOOMASSTERRRRR!" "He sounds evil..." "He always does, young Conjurer. But he's good, just a little upset about Sylvia's passing" KRAKKK-KABOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMmmmm.... "Are you sure he's good?" "I CHALLENGE YOU'RE NEW WIZARD TO A DUEL!" "Malistaire! My new student has a point, you DO sound evil!" To be continued...

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