Friday, September 10, 2010

Cast a Change reminder! And Extra Life

First of all, I finally figured out Pre-Algebra. IN YOUR FACE, TEACHER! lol, anyways I'm hoping to get an A in that, the unit now seems easy. I also just finished The Pearl by Jon Steinbeck ( author of the class - Mice and Men ) and it had a pretty sad ending. Why must Middle school have all these books with sad endings??? *groan* ok, onto the real stuff...
Wandcast has ended ( D: ), the great podcast by the Info cousins and Kestrel, it was a great show. And, Cast for Change is tomorrow! Please remember to be in the Dryad realm - Life Tower by 6:30PM EST. We need all the people we can get! I'm posting this from my dad's computer, since my computer's thing-a-majigy that makes the Internet work is broken, so my dad should get a new one tomorrow. And OF COURSE Selena Gomez has come to the Spiral, I loved the ending part of the quest where the King Crab delivers his "Ocean Nuptials" poem, xD. Then, Selena sings her "Round and Round" hit, and I just love dancing w/her and the crabs then to celebrate. And SWIMMING! Too awesome. I also got 2 Myth Sprites ( on different characters ) from those 2 Crab Guards, interesting. Selena is an Ice wizard btw, *gasp* There's so much to post, but I'll be back w/my statue of the week and my "Round and Round" pictures in a day or 2, not to mention Cast a Change pictures. Lastly, I'll leave you with this very inspirational story from a charity Ravenwood Radio is going to help
Rats, it wont let me paste it :/. Here's the link:, Emma Shadowwalker is quite a sad story, donate if ya can. Till later, Happy Farming!

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