Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tarlac on to DS and Briskbreeze

Today was Bad: Lost at Briskbreeze twice and Good: Tarlac is now in Dragonspyre - I shall start w/ the Briskbreeze unfortunalities...

This was a buggy part where Amber's minion turned into a zombie after it died, but Victoria used Rebirth. The same thing happened to the rats in the Warehouse BUT this one stayed alive when it died again O_O "DEFEATED" it clearly said under it, weird. It died the next time it died :-P. There were 3 cause a storm friend had to leave in the middle, and we all died with Orrick surviving w/1000 health left *sigh*. The second time, with Mythspent Youth, Amber's Life Grand and Thomas Deathgem, Thomas got disconnected and we ended up dying while Orrick had 1600 health left. Oh well, the reason I was trying was because of the Grand ring which so many are farming for lately - anyways on to Tarlac...

... who turned LVL 42!

and also got... STORMZILLA!
I also had a successful hatching :)

I saw "Lifebloom egg" and I knew it was a hybrid ( other orthrus' always are Chimerical ) and pretty sure it was a Jade Hound, I went to the dye shop. Well, I got a Traveler, and it's the next best thing!

Zoom in, and he has a cyclops eye and Myth armbands :). Yes, I named him Lord Pebbles, I guess it was cause he's a tree and lots of trees have pebbles under them etc. etc.

Now here's a bug I experienced - I used the candle and the Ghost minion went in a battle, without me in it O_O. I took this, went in and beat him then Fushiko.
Tarlac just beat the Tree of Life too, no good loot gained and is at the Jade Oni - very close to DS! Actually, he will be doing GH as a detour before, so hoping I'm nearly LVL 45 before then. Oh, and the ninja pig transformations :)

Couldn't resist!

At Heather Raven's piggy place, doing my best to imitate Koto and making bacon out of the piggles... and that's the news for tonight - Hope you're all having a great Labor day weekend. Happy Farming!


Have a splendiferous day! :)