Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cutting back and 30 followers

Hey everyone, the "cutting back" part means that, with the little time I have, I'm cutting back a little on things, like reading other Wizard101 blogs. When I check my blog roll once a day and read other's blogs, it takes up to 30 minutes sometimes and I want time to play, I'm finding myself doing more time on stuff like this, lol. This is a major reason why I am not ready for a W101 Facebook yet, as Twitter is awesome enough :). Just sayin', and I haven't had ANY playing time since school started, so does this mean: No W101 on weekdays? *gasp* well, it's a thought. The "Pie-Loving" Necromancer is forced to do that and were all kinda "addicted" to Wizard101 right? :D. Hoping I can have time this week to at least do Shirataki Temple on Tarlac, finish MS. And I have 30 followers, quite impressive! I admit 2 of them are myself, but still... Also, I've forgotten a couple Peanuts comics in the last post, so here ya go!

That one's my favorite back-to-school one, now here's a completely randomized pick...
Now, I have to look up an article about the new bedbug infestation for a project, lol. Or there's this guy who's such an environmentalist that he's holding some Discovery Channel people hostage right now, and this is taking place not too far from where I live, in fact. And then there's the possibility that Hurricane Earl could bring Tropical-storm winds to the area later on, anyways Happy Farming!

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