Saturday, September 25, 2010

Done w/GH again, and JAWS!

Busy last couple of hours today ( yes, all these pics were taken then ) - First off, Tarlac finished the long but awesome Ravenscar!

First by teaching his "friend" a lesson...

After beating the Coven and being called to the King, this is customary.

"Hey looky, there's a cockroach crawling on your wall, Mr. Goldenblade."

"I take it you don't care about the cockroach..."
Afterwards, thanks to the random GH stuff selling for 1,000 gold, Tarlac went on a selling spree for his house. Here's pictures...

I discovered this place from a secret cave I stumbled in to, great view.

The passageway of the cave

His forest, which is nearly done


Awesome Mini-Nidavellir. It just a runestone in it so far.
Nice spot to go fishing
In yo FACE Valgard! I've got my own throne for you to bow to.
Dead Tree at the top of the house, if you climb it and you fall, well let's just say you probably wouldn't be here tomorrow...
In other news, I missed Ravenwood Radio since it started at 9:30, darn it! I'm about to listen to it, maybe I'll take Dugan out for a bit if I learn some more about Fire :). And 'Gratz to Friendly who's going to make his own trip to KI *envy* lol, if I ever go to Texas ( I did once, before I knew about Wizard101 ) I'm going to beg my parents to take me just to their studios. :-P, maybe I'll catch a peek of an upcoming world :D. And, the number 1 thing...
*plays music from Jaws movie* LAND SHARK - Coming to a park near you, BEWARE!
With his sidekick, THUNDERWRAITH. So that's why Tarlac inherited his Tiger ;) - Tarlac and Dugan w/their robes look fat on brooms LOL. Thanks a million, Samantha for using $30 IRL just for my pleasure =D. Have a happy weekend ( and be sure to catch Boise State beating Oregon State tonight ) - Happy Farming!

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