Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cast a Change - Results!

My dad was a little bit late w/my new USB thingy so my internet could work, but I got in for a small tour of Blaze's house, and we moved to mine...

Everyone fooled around and stuff for a bit, and then we all had a moment of silence

for 9/11. R.I.P lads.

Thanks to Donna Spellthorn, for suggesting that, I hope you all had a moment of silence IRL today too :).
Last but not least, group pictures in my greenhouse!

And then a little afterparty chat, we were all glad we made a little contribution to Mother Nature and rememborance of 9/11. A lot of suggestions were made to how you could help the environment - including less wizard101 *gasp* Back to that, when you are NOT playing wizard101, to turn off your computer and save energy ;D. Also, pick up trash in your neighborhood, use organic stuff, less plastic etc. etc. all in all, it was a great evening ( and Michigan beat Notre Dame in the last minute, YES!!! ). Kestrel, a co-host, couldn't come and neither could Jacob Thundersword ( who REALLY REALLY wanted to, but IRL slaps you in the face sometimes, you know? ). Tomorrow I'll be posting my Selena Gomez thoughts, even though I'm sure you all know about it already ( Please DON'T read it if you haven't been in the Test realm, lol ). And another huge thank-you to Samantha Daisyleaf, who crafted 2 more place settings for me, and gifted me a Mega snack pack! :D - Isn't it great to have friends? Happy Farming!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'll be sure to use the pics along with mine. (I think I'm going to make a slideshow.) I really appreciate you being able to do this event with me. I had a great time and look forward to more activities with you in the future. Thanks again, bud. ♥

  2. Arlen, great post as usual. I was out of town on 9/11, but i would have been there had i been ITS. It's great that you could get so many people together to observe the occasion. And, rocking the new robe, i see. Looks good. I might restitch my outfit soon.


Have a splendiferous day! :)