Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 4

...KRAK-KA-BOOM! "What's the matter young Conjurer, are you chicken?" ( reference to an item Mali drops: Chicken heads ) "Uhh...Ambrose...can you help me out here???" "I don't know what's going on, just take this deck of cards, and follow my instructions!" "How pathetic, I don't want to use any of my power tromping a Novice wizard! Guards, seize him!" "AMBROSE! NAME SOME INSTRUCTIONS! NOW! Ooh, a unicorn..." "Cast a Balanceblade!" "This thing?" "No, that's a Meteor Strike, you can't use it yet!" ( And after a quick orientation... ) "All right guards, earn your keep and finish him off!" -SUMMON NINJA PIGS!- HIYA! HO, HO, HA! "Heh, how can farm animals hurt me? Oh wait, they're ninjas..." Soon, Arlen's crystal Health ball starts to crack. "Here's some pips, and hurry, cast Unicorn!" -SUMMON UNICORN!- "Aww, I want to pet that thing." "Everyone does. But whatever you do, don't leave your battle circle." Arlen's Health ball soon glimmers with red again. "Pathetic fools! Finish the child!" -SUMMON SKELETAL PIRATE!- "Uhhhhhmmm, living dead? Ew." Having had a hard time sleeping last night, the other Dragon Guard fell asleep, and passed... "Now what, Headmaster?" "Use Meteor Strike immediately!" -SUMMON METEORS!- The Dragons fall into the ground, defeated. "Ugh, next time Ambrose, I have what I came for..." "We'll resolve this later, now here, drink this potion, young Conjurer!" Soon, Arlen is standing in Ambrose's office. "Here, take this letter to Private Stillson. We are having trouble with Undead in Unicorn Way." "Undead? But, but..." "Just go in there, I'll have you come back in for some ending paperwork and teacher meetings soon!" "Oh, great." Arlen thought "Just like school, in real life." *sigh* But this place does look cooler... ( To be continued... )

Hope you liked it :). For IRL matters, my computer is now officially a piece of junk. So, no Wizard101 ( except if Celestia comes out, since the Test Realm works here on my dad's computer ) for a little while, sorry! Lately, I've been having fun with other bloggers such as Amber Rosepetal, Kieran Stormcaller, Blaze Stormthief to name some, and been hanging around the Gurtok Demon in the Plaza of Conquests, starting to hunt for the Ianthine Spectre and having really funny random conversation xD. So the stuff Gurtok drops that isn't the Spectre goes to Arlen to sell for snacks - he's fresh out of them already. After I get the Spectre, which shall be farmed for on weekdays, and Tarlac-leveling on weekends, I'll keep farming Boulderbone/Oyotomi and trying to get more furniture, doing dungeons, etc. At least no Wizard101 means I'll be getting outside a lot more :-P. Happy Farming! ( and look for a Sights of the Spiral post, when I get a new computer! =) )

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