Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Round and Round

I had ORIGINALLY intended to post a ton of pictures of the Selena Gomez quest, but there were like 40, no kidding, and that would take over an hour :-P. I'll put Mycin's tiger and dance instead:

Tiger does the doggy paddle, just like me IRL.

Ready set...

Round and round, were never gonna stop...
and one of my favorite parts was the crabs "ocean nuptials" to Selena, LOL. I secretly stole all the cake too, heheh.
In other news, I've been doing a lot of Ken-Park runs and not a single person has gotten the Spider Golem or Seraph, and the 1st Stoker re-spawns so we often re-fought him a lot, no dice. Darn you Stoker(s). I DID get a Carved Pew from the Bazaar, which drops there and is pretty awesome ( and cheap! ) woot! We livestreamed it on and I said a lot of random wacky stuff in the chat room, these runs are always fun ( Kid podcasts FTW! :D ) And Tarlac turned LVL 45! C'mon, just one picture:
I love the Life gear for 50 best - one of the only I wouldn't stitch. 45 gear leaves something to be desired, but oh well. He's detouring through GH next, and I'm thinking of some raven-farming on main characters so don't expect him @ 50 for a little bit. I went to grandma's again too, so I wasn't here Monday and Tuesday - Love her cable TV xD. 2 documentaries on the Chupacabra and Amazon headshrinkers *phew*. The Chupacabra is probably my new favorite mythical animal - a coyote-like creature who sucks farm animals blood... ew. It's recent and there have been a ton of sightings in Texas, including some videos. It's like a dog w/a long snout and mange ( no hair ). If I had a Grimtooth I'd name it Lord Chupacabra ( but I just learned it means goat-sucker, so I don't know, lol ) since it's a dog originated from the death pet - Wraith, and the death school has the spell Vampire, which is just like a Chupacabra. When I re-make Chase Deathcrafter I could nickname him "El Chupacabra" but again, it means goat-sucker and when did a wizard maul animals? lol, till next time ~ Happy Farming!
( or ~ El Chupacabra )

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