Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sights of the Spiral - Ravenscar

OK - New segment! The Spiral is really a beatiful place, and sometimes you just want to walk around admiring it, y'know? So every once in a while I'll post a bit of pictures from a certain place and for the first one, we have Ravenscar, probably the MOST beautiful ;). It's known for the Coven mainly, but a friend of mine pointed out that she just walks around it a lot, due to it's beauty and sereneness ( ok, that's what I put, lol ). Grizzleheim music makes it all the more awesome as well, and the dark snowy background ~ Here's pictures from Ravenscar!
We start at the beginning...

Starting in the caves, it stretches out ( hehe - birdhouses ) and more caves. Then, we get to the great Glacial Plains. There, it's all snowed in and some little, but glistening, caves spot the area. And look at the clouds in picture #9 - awesome. The cliffs, the Collossi ( picture #12 ), then the Great Fortress where countless wizards earn there gold for a living ;), it holds the secret to the Everwinter that can freeze us all, but it's the main source of the Wizard101 Spiral economy. My favorite of all these is picture #9, it reminds me of Christmas - snowing, dark, and it's so frozen it's an ideal North Pole location for Santa xD. I can hear sleigh bells just thinking about it - Well that's it for the first "Sights of the Spiral" segment ~ Le chien deux vampire tete est sortie, Heureux D'elevage!


  1. Hey, Arlen. I have a few pictures of places around the Spiral that I took cause they looked pretty. I'll have to e-mail them to you. :)

  2. I have GOT to finish Grizzleheim someday. I'm busy working on my third grandmaster right now but but after that, I WILL finish it...unless I get busy with Celestia of course. :-P


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