Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arlen's Adventures - Part 2

Here we go, continuing from last week! As headed from the bus stop, in broad daylight he happened to see...The same Spiraling shape in the sky. He asked his friend "Hey, what the heck is that up there?" "Hmm?" "That cluster of stars..." "Who could see stars in the DAYTIME? Algebra must really be getting to you" "But, it's right ther..." "You need a Root beer" *sigh* The next morning, while still groggy, he caught something flying in the corner of his eye. "What the...!?" He then saw that owl, with glasses and staring at him. "Gamma" the owl said. "Toodle-oo, young wizard!" Arlen blinked, and saw a picture of a chamber on the counter, and 9 swirling masses in that same "Spiral" he had seen again yesterday. "Eat your cornflakes Arlen, and don't just stand there, you've got a bus to catch!" He quickly put the picture in his pocket, and thought "Young wizard? What is this, Harry Potter?" To be continued...
Incidentally, I'm going to Assateague Island for tomorrow and Thursday, since there's no school cause of Rosh Hashanah - It's a great island with wild horses, as you may know if you've read the book - Misty of Chincoteague. We are just visiting some family friends and going there, so I'll be back Friday with the returned Statue of the week, and Tarlac's latest devolpments. Oh, and my favorite team Boise State won a great game 33-30 last night, stayed up to watch the whole thing =D. They nearly lost, but when they won I was REALLY happy, and I still got up for school today :-P. My History teacher is also an avid fan and actually went to the game at FedEx Field, a little bit of a drive and witnessed it, lucky him ;). Go Broncos! And, Happy Farming!

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