Friday, October 1, 2010

October Bulletin, and Amber's party!

Hey all! I was waiting for the new Ravenwood Bulletin to come it is!
The big news this month, of course, is that the new world of Celestia will be opening up! Players can glimpse this underwater world in the Selena Gomez quest, and there's much more to come. As we've said before, this high level world update is for players who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre. Along with the opening of the new world, we will also be raising the maximum level from the current 50 to the new level 60! When Celestia opens, level 50 players can once again gain experience, and you'll need it because Celestia also brings with it new spells and new surprises. More details will be announced once Celestia arrives in the Test Realm soon. Watch the game launch window for updates!

Hallowe'en in Wizard101: Spooky Bob here, and I'm excited to tell you all about Hallowe'en in Wizard101. Hallowe'en is a very magical time, perfect for young Wizards everywhere! We celebrate Hallowe'en in the Spiral for most of October, so look for me and my friend Jack Hallow to arrive soon! Jack Hallow will appear in the Ravenwood Commons, and he has special quests for young Wizards. A new mysterious tower will appear in Ravenwood that Jack will ask you to explore. Please note if you completed these quests during the last Hallowe'en event, you will not be offered these quests again, but you can still enter the tower in Ravenwood. I will return to the Ravenwood Shopping District with all sorts of Hallowe'en items for you to purchase. I've got pumpkin masks, casting staffs, scary costumes and a special pet to sell you, but remember I only take Crowns, so stock up! To help with the fun and spooky atmosphere of Hallowe'en, special decorations will appear in Wizard City, and look for fun events and contests on our Facebook page and on our Contests page later this month.


Awesome! Also, we've got some new Gift Cards to buy!
Oct 2010 Life Cyclops 1 Card Life Cyclops Spell
Nov 2010 Viridian Cyclops 1 Card Regenerate Spell
Dec 2010 Emerald Cyclops 1 Card Dragonblade Spell
Look at that Life Cyclops! ( needs a shave. ) I've got a CVS within 1/2 mile of my house, so I'll definitely get that when it comes out real soon...and it will be interesting to see what the 'Viridian Cyclops' looks like, and great spell with it. Celestia is coming out really soon, so don't be surprised if it pops up any day now ;). I can't wait for Halloween content too, I missed out on it last year and I REALLY need a Golem Spider and a Wraith statue from those towers. In other news, Tarlac just reached LVL 46 and is in the Grand Chasm, expect a LVL 48 post soon :D. And Fall is here, as it was just beautiful outside today and I went biking with a nice lady from church, and it was a 1/2 day at school too, woot! Lastly, Amber Rosepetals ( ) birthday was last night, and a party was planned at her house - Pictures...
I managed to turn the conversation from pie...
David managed to hijack the cake...
And the conversation was just...weird.
PLUS, Lady Gomez made a guest appearance!
Amber had to go, and promptly kicked us all out. xD. A couple of us took a little trip to the awesome MS Spiral Room, then a little tour of Tarlac's GH house were everyone ran into walls and tried to jump off the roof - Not cool :-P. I had to go at that point when we were having hot cocoa in the Mirkholm Motel, so that's what's been happening :). And, the mythical Chupacabra ran over the other creatures in the "Awesomest Creature?"poll. Orthrus and Ninja Pig actually took an early lead, then next thing you know, Chupacabra ran it's way to victory 17-11-9. There's a new one up too, and I edited my blog list to include a couple more, so, yea. "When Will
CL Come Out? ( again )" You decide, if it doesn't come out in the next coupla days. Happy Farming! ( and Thank You to friends in-game for your compliments on my Boulderbone post! I shall be farming him myself again soon :D )
P.S. Look for a shark w/back problems. Jus' sayin.


  1. Dude, I run into walls in real life. Lol it could've been worse.

  2. Nice! lol I didn't even know there was a October bulletin! Thanks for the information. Last night was fun and the after party was great lol. Nothin' beats jumping off buildings :P


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