Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Pumpkin is coming...

:-P I'm running out of material to blog about! Well, Mycin got the big Halloween Robe from Nightshade yesterday, so I'm complete!

Just a couple Pumpkin Masks and that Black Cat could do... I'm also 150 Undead away from getting the big 2,000 badge, which should be by Tuesday/Wednesday. And I just found out, Ravenwood Radio is holding a podcastaversary/Halloween party this Saturday! :), so... be there! I'm being the Great Pumpkin with all the great loot I'm getting - A Pumpkin Happy Mask, and the Halloween Robe/Shoes, and hopefully a Pumpkin Wand should I get one from all this farming. Be a Ninja Pig, a Witch, whatever you want - what's a good mount for a Pumpkin though? Let's just hope wizards don't think I have no taste and give me these...

Yea. One more thing: You know the retweet requirement for winning the Selena Poster? Wizard101 confirmed today on the login page that the Selena quest will dissapear forever, ah well, but here's the big thing: "Celestia will be in the Live very soon" and I hear they confirmed it's coming out before November! Selena disappearing announces CL is here, as we know now, so may we see Celestia in the Live Realm tomorrow - already? I'll be crossing my fingers on the bus home ;). Yesterday was a fun day too, as the Giants beat the Phillies :D, and the 3rd straight #1 team went down in College Football - all the better for my favorite team, Boise State, which likely will be #2 when the BCS rankings come out any second now... just gotta worry about Oregon, Auburn, Alabama, Mizzou, Ohio State, Michigan State, TCU, Utah, etc. now, lol. Happy Farming! ( and have a good week! )

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