Friday, October 29, 2010

Celestia - Grotto 1

I'm so restless tonight, and everyone's getting past me in questing ( jealous factor :-P ) so, let's gather some pictures of me just getting into the Grotto...

High up at Agenor's place. Great view!

The bad crab went down easily, thanks to the henchman I spawned - Stefan - who took the hits :)

Nice roofing...

Map of the Survey Camp

I had to duck and dive to get into the Grotto. Not the best entrance

The Grotto's quite a maze, eh?

That's one huge dead sea creature :/

And they imprisoned them in cages. What do they eat? ( And where do they go to )

Nice hotel for starfishies

The Eel attack! Looks like a Fruit Roll-Up, no less

Remember Dragoloth? The cheatin' loot-dropper? Seems they re-named him Cuthalla for some reason, shrug. He's still a beast :). Last but not least, here's a neat link to the best items for everyone in Celestia... My Myth Hat and Boots drop from Mithraya ( last boss in the Test of Spheres -ToS) but the Athame/Ring for me drop from any boss in the ToS :). Not really interested in the Orthrus amulet, but I hear of a 2 card Time of Legend (ToL)/Stun amulet up there ( current Amulet contains ToL ) so I'll be on the lookout for that later on. Oh, and scheduled maintenance is an hour tonight, hopefully to make Celestia a lot cleaner in terms of bugs ;). Happy Adventuring!

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  1. Not everyone is getting past you, lol. I only just completed Optio. The game is just way too spazzy for me to enter Celestia at normal hours. IE; anything between the hours of now, and then. :P


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